Some viewing recommendations

Looking for some quality viewing pleasure to occupy gaps of down time or on reserve for bad weather or sick days?
Here are a few recommendations that we’ve enjoyed recently that you might not heard of. All of these should be available on Netflix.

Luther – currently recording a third season – UK show. Great detective story with an even better back story going on.
Primeval – UK science fiction show – there are a few episodes that are a bit campy but on the whole we loved it
Jekyl – another UK show – a miniseries, a modern day telling of Jekyl and Hyde
2006 movie – A Dead Calling – scary movie not for the squeamish with a bit of a …. nah…don’t want to spoil it for you!
Ultraviolet – UK short lived TV series with a modern day “serious” spin on vampires
2007 movie – You Kill Me – with Ben Kingsley and Tea Leoni – a bit of dark humor, we really enjoyed the story
Charlie Jade – science fiction show that was on one season – interesting premise and some really good conspiracy kind of story lines. The last episode was pretty miserable and painful but up till then we gave it a B-
2000 movie – Harrison’s Flowers – drama – a lot of tense action, we gave it a A-
2011 movie – Good Day for It starring Robert Patrick and Lance Henriksen and yes it is NOT a B movie

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