I don’t know why but earlier this morning I was thinking about brands. Brands or products I specifically just couldn’t (or wouldn’t want to) do without. Not to get all crazy I am limiting myself to no more than ten that I will share. Hopefully this pokes you in a good way and you decide to share your up to 10 via comment or blog.

Old Spice Fresh Endurance deodorant/anti-perspirant
Olay ultra moisturizer bar soap (WHY won’t they create a men’s line/scent?!)
Diet Rite soda
Frank’s Red Hot Sauce (original)
Burberry London
Crest Total Sensitive Toothpaste

I’ve tried the various denim/jeans and now I won’t buy anything but Levi.

Most consistent coffee brand – Starbucks; close second Van Houtte.

Favorite chocolate maker would be Ghiradelli with – surprise, Dove a very close second.

Frozen pizza – either the pepperoni or extra cheese Tombstone. Consistently a good tasting pizza for the money.

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