The maelstrom we are experiencing

Heck of a week.
Heck of the last 10 years.
Heck of a…
If u didn’t believe that the corruption of the DOJ was real, well, how about this week?
Ladies & gentleman (note only 2) we are in a maelstrom of epic proportions.
I can’t even get a handle on how to succinctly summarize the whole mess.
So I will provide u some links.
One is the recent interview with Martin Armstrong. About 58 minutes. U need to listen to the end because topics keep re-circling. It will be sobering.
Second is the recent article by Linda Kimball – provides the ingredients for the maelstrom we are in feeling.
Third is the article she refers to from an interview with Theodore Roosevelt Malloch
Want to do a deep DEEP dive on the raid of DJT? Go here.

I think this image w/text sums up the four links.

spiritual matter and in the near future it has damning repercussions

16m long
I recommend turning on the CC and change playback speed to 1.25 or 1.5

The significance of this video is: we have been lied to, we are still being lied & will continue to be lied to.
It is a spiritual matter not a technology matter or extraterrestrial as it has become defined…

A spiritual matter and in the near future it has damning repercussions

Still no justice…

About two months after Colby’s quote, this swimmer enthusiast died accidentally drowning while swimming.


When the judicial system completely fails, is vengeance performed by the public actually justice? Asking for a friend…