The CCP is at War with America

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) poses an existential threat to America. It is imperative that every American understands this reality and commits to defeating that threat.

To those ends, members of the Committee on the Present Danger: China have published a book entitled “The CCP is at War with America“, prepared a video presentation called “The Brief” and have launched this Align Act campaign to facilitate the translation of such information into action.

Specifically, this campaign urges ordinary Americans to endorse “The CCP Challenge” and demand that every candidate seeking office anywhere in the USA do the same.

The CCP Challenge describes the Chinese Communists’ “unrestricted warfare,”; their party’s declaration of a “People’s War” against our country; and the progress China is inexorably making towards kinetic conflict—with the help of America’s “enemies within.”

It also offers a six-step platform to be adopted by candidates for elective office that will, if implemented, help thwart the Chinese Communist Party’s ambitions and secure our country and freedoms.

“Communist China is at war with America. Therefore, in advance of the mid-term elections, Americans must secure from their lawmakers, administrators, executives, and candidates for these offices a public promise to defeat ‘The China Threat’ by announcing their adoption of the platform outlined in ‘The CCP Challenge,’” exhorts Frank Gaffney, vice-chair for the Committee on the Present Danger: China, and founder and executive chairman of the Center for Security Policy.

Take action to lend your name to The CCP Challenge and quickly share it with those seeking your vote.

We make it easy to sign the pledge and send a letter to your federal and state elected officials. We also provide an online PDF for voters to download and share directly with your non-incumbent candidates for elected office—whose contact information may not be available to us.

And finallysend us a note to let us know how it’s going. Tell us who is—and who isn’t—making a public commitment to defeat America’s mortal enemy, the Chinese Communist Party.

Implications of the hypocritical libtard philosophies

The people of death and hate (typically DNC/libtards) have revealed another libtard hypocrisy and implication of their lies (aka called “we have the science”).

The argument/LIE that a baby in the womb was not a living being but a mass/clump of cells — so as to provide them the excuse to kill the unwanted baby.

That same mass/clump of cells that is not a living human being does have the sense, knowledge and understanding from the womb to know what gender it wants to be — so as to provide them the excuse to perpetuate their will of further hate and death on the human life in yet another way.

Whether people want to own up to it or not, what we see repeatedly from the libtards/the radicalized left is the luciferian principle of attacking the human life form that is made in the image of God Almighty (Jehovah/the Lord Jesus Christ).

I don’t tangibly fear the future.

I use the word ‘fear’ more of a sobering apprehension of what is going to unfold. The how bad will it get.

The things which we will experience are not directed at us (so far) for being Christians. What is going to unfold is necessary for Lucifer to have his way when the body of Christ is removed. With Germany in 30s-40s he was able to develop and test on humans in a very limited scenario. Since that time, as mankind has gotten wickeder and wickeder, he has been able to flex his muscles more than before.

Undoubtedly what is swirling is luciferian in purpose so we know if unchecked it will get uglier. 

I wonder how long it will take for God the Father to have the Lord Jesus Christ open the seals of Revelation 6. Judgment seat of Christ completed by then? How long will that take? Does He judge everybody individually but all at once? Sure we will be outside of time but the seals being opened impact earth so then by implication time. John saw/watched it all unfold so he as the ‘type’ for the body of Christ; does that mean we will watch it all unfold as well? Yet the ref of 19:7 seems to imply we aren’t made ready till then or we were made ready earlier but no need to mention us until 19:7 due to what and when what was unfolding on the earth. 

So the USA, what of it?  In the scheme of things now and future, does the USA have any real impact or part to play in the timing of things? I think to think we do could be hubris and/or ignorance. But then again at this moment in time if the USA would completely fall (it is picking up steam downward) will that not mean the end is very near? I just don’t know if the USA really matters in ref to God’s timetable.

I guess how it matters is to us and our level of safety and comfort. 

Don’t know why I have rattled about this. Usually when I do such I delete it but this time I’m gonna go ahead and post it.