The photo is from 45’s UN address. In this clip u can see the smirking & arrogant faces laughing as 45 warns them of what is now the reality.

‘Without energy, no economy can run’ – German companies warn of disaster as electricity and gas tap are ‘turned off’

‘Certain Industries Will Stop Producing’ to Avoid Bankruptcy Claims German Vice Chancellor

Trump Vindicated: Germany Braces for ‘Chaotic Conditions’ Ahead of Feared Loss of Russian Gas

“Just the facts mam”

Statement of facts in the lawsuit the DJT has brought on all those behind the diabolical, derangement & lies during and since his presidency.
The statement of facts from the lawsuit provides a succinct timetable of the events.
It is amazing he was able to get anything positively done for this country.


link to full 108 pages of the document