Another example of the REAL Rouhani

Not surprising in the least is the fact the our MSM once again is not informing our society about the real Iran. In an article in today’s The Washington Free Beacon one can find more truth about the spirit, mentality and idealogy and end-goal of Rouhani and the government of Iran. Here is a sample:

“Today, this festering Zionist tumor has opened once again and has turned the land of olives into destruction and blood and littered the land with the body parts of Palestinian children,” Rouhani was quoted as saying in a statement that was translated by the Brookings Institution.

“Saeed Ghasseminejad, an Iranian dissident and cofounder of Iranian Liberal Students and Graduates, warned that Rouhani and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, the lead negotiator in talks with the West, are fooling the world by posing as moderates.

“Rouhani and Zarif to Khamenei are the same as Joachim von Ribbentrop was to Adolf Hitler,” Ghasseminejad said. “Both are loyal servants to a dangerous apartheid regime that wants to change the world order dramatically and is ready to use any means available to reach its deal. Like Ribbentrop, it is their job to fool the world, buy time for the regime, and sell a fake image to the world.”

Michael Rubin, a former Pentagon adviser on Iran and Iraq, slammed U.S. media for perpetuating the myth that Rouhani is a Western-style moderate.

“The Iranian government counts on the fact that the American media will act as useful idiots,” Rubin said. “Some self-censor for access, others simply believe what they read in English—for example Rouhani’s Rosh Hashanah tweet—and ignore completely what the Iranian leadership says in Persian.””

(BTW – have you noticed that Iran’s stance and actions have not changed in reference to their nuclear activities? They are still producing and building. Have you noticed our government has continued to allow the stalling and activities. Have you noticed that MSM is not pointing this out to society? “Hmmmm, very interesting…”)

On the whole MSM has tried very hard to paint the circumstances surrounding the Hamas in Gaza in terms that imply the blame is on Israel for the cause. According to a Washington DC CBS article of those individuals polled twice as many actually blame Hamas for the matters. There is some interesting analysis in the numbers.

I was encouraged this morning to learn that Israel decided to destroy another 40 mosque rocket stores. I hope the analysis is accurate and that this means that Israel can begin withdrawing troops from harm’s way in Gaza proper.

Facing the debt collector

AP article today:

35% in USA facing debt collectors

Amid the constant story lines that the economy is recovering is the unreported story of depitalism.  And now again a story bubbles to the top pointing to the driver behind any gains (however small) that are actual is buying on credit. See when the economy started falling I had wrote that what was going on was the idea of households living within their means. They were taking rebates and other shenanigans and either saving it or paying off debt. But with a society that’s entertainment industry is funded by MARKETING to the audience (a.k.a. consumer) stuff they don’t have and often stuff that they don’t need, it was only a matter of time than the belt was gonna snap under the pressure. (Heck of a monkey on there back day in and day out!)

Wait for it, soon another so called bubble is gonna bop and then all the market correction and contrived rhetoric will go into spin.

The government who so desperately wants to be everyone’s parent (i.e. dependent on them) has well taught everyone that living beyond your means is okay as well as the antiquated idea of generations past use of a tool called a budget. Why would the dependents be expected to do something that the leadership of our country can’t do?

Posts on depitalism

The modern day Nero

Debka reporting today that Netanyahu is debating which route to go under the apparent delusional premise that the current presidential administration of the USA has Israel’s best interest in mind. Meanwhile Uri Ariel has a clear and ACCURATE message for our president “Leave us alone!”

Mr. Netanyahu for crying out loud wake up! Wise up! Quick looking at USA funds or whatever it is you fear losing. This current administration DOES NOT CARE about the nation of Israel as you do. Nor do they have interests that are of such value as you do in your own HOMELAND. You have the backing of your Arab neighbors for crying out loud to rid the stronghold of Hamas in Gaza. The USA does not have your back at this moment. Hopefully the next administration will but as the situation with Iran should have surely shown you and as well as the red-line of Syria should have shown you and as for the rhetoric and bad blood the current administration has stirred in their relationship with Israel ==== wake up! Look at what transpired in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan under this current administration – look at Iraq now! With knowledge that “Islamic State” was rising and poising for striking Iraq —– the current administration DID NOTHING!!

Obama is merely Nero fiddling while the Middle East burns.

The big question here: Why does our governmental leadership align with Hamas?

Mr. Krauthammer wrote this week about the vacancy in the presidency in the USA. While he is “spot-on” I would add that considering what is going on in Israel and Gaza that it is a good thing he is vacant and that actually Barak Hussein Obama needs to butt completely out as well as pull his administration out of tampering the situation. I know I posted recently about this belief but a week has past and this nation’s president continues to meddle in the affairs like an overweight, ignorant Monday morning quarterback of a sport he knows nor understands next to nothing about. The tragic thing of this scenario is that he unfortunately has the power to push his ignorance into the actual field of play unlike the normal Monday morning quarterback.

The president and his administration do not have the correct morals, principles and values in 99.9% of the situations and issues that have occurred during his presidency. (I am sure that is the case for before his terms and will be so in the after as well).

Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah exist because of a supernatural evil and hatred of Israel. Don’t listen to our administration’s or MSM view of the matters, read these organizations and governments own words. This hatred has existed for thousands of years under different names.

But over here in America I would  also offer this thought to consider. What does it say about the media (MSM and entertainment industry etc) and our own governmental leaders that so many if not the clear majority often side in beliefs and values with the organizations such Hamas, Iran and Hezebollah? What does it say that they take up the cause of the Palestinians when the Palestinians elected as their government in Gaza the leadership of Hamas? What are we saying about the state of the matter here in our own country?


We should be supporting Israel completely

Their is plenty of stories and headlines out there about the issues surrounding Israel and Gaza right now. I have been watching and reading and I am not surprised that the president of our country and his administration – specifically Kerry – find that the most constructive thing to do is put pressure on Netanyahu and Israel. The administration of our government is void of character, virtue, common sense and understanding of what is actually going on over there (or heck anywhere). Hamas which is the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza is a tool of Iran and with that knowledge that should be enough to be said. Israel gave them Gaza free of police, military and sanctions. They tried to provide the best foundation for the Palestinians to thrive and become a separate nation. Hamas immediately went to work arming and creating fortresses so as to attack Israel. Read the history. Krauthammer’s recent article is a great summary of what is happening and what is the history of that land is. Kerry mocking Netanyahu and the nation of Israel when he thought no one could hear him just proves the point that in the real moment of his and their being they are void of character and understanding.

Netanyahu has had the military to try their best to limit civilian deaths. Hamas being the cowards and immoral use the civilians as human shields. Again, enough should be said with that knowledge and understanding.

I am embarrassed and close to humiliated that our so-called presidential leadership and his cabinet are the people that they are. I look forward to them all being replaced. I know that is against the grain of the majority in our society in America and that is disturbing as well.

Word of advice for our current president – please shut up and leave Israel alone. You do not have the correct knowledge, understanding or character to try and influence the situation over there.

Mr. Netanyahu please ignore our current administration in all matters that your nation is dealing with.

Iran, Syria, Iraq, NSA news

Wise words from Governor Rick Perry on current events in Syria and Iraq.

An article I have been holding since 5/25 yet again clearly states Iran’s perspective of the USA. Really, as a president, why would you trust them?

Krauthammer’s 6/19 post on developments in Iraq.


In this Guardian post today, 80% of all audio calls (in length not just metadata) are recorded by the NSA.