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Romney can’t just be the “not Obama” ballot choice – and win

September 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Unfortunately for Romney, Krauthammer is correct.

Whomever Romney is listening to and following their advice, needs to be fired. The strategy is ineffective. Duplicating the Republican party nomination strategy is a game-LOSER. Romney made it to the top of the Republican ticket not because of his lofty ideas on policy but because the contestants in the race were worse than him for various reasons. He can not expect to win (and won’t) by simply being the “not O” ballot selection.

And he needs think about the possibility of his first term. Now is when platform is defined and the crucial first 100 days are shaped. Going in as “not O” will not position him or his administration for hitting the ground successfully.

Mitt – replace the voices in your head. America is in desperate need of top quality leadership which requires innovative and game-changing strategy.

Going into the debate scares me. He is not prepared for this. He does not have the year of solid preparation, principles and ideas formed to enter the debate. He is going in unprepared which with the MSM spinning and shaping the actual debate and then their commentary on its results —– he is all ready circling the drain.

Mitt – wake up! Step up!

Syria: Missing chemical weapons?

September 28, 2012 Leave a comment

It appears a important truth is being buried at the end of week news cycle, hoping it will not gain traction. I came across the story on Fox website but am surprised it is not in the major story bracket.  Panetta has shared that Syria has moved some of its chemical weapon stockpile in order to protect them but there is some question as to what exactly happened to some of them. “There has been intelligence that there have been some moves that have taken place. Where exactly that’s taken place, we don’t know,” Panetta told reporters. “I don’t have any specific information about the opposition and whether or not they’ve obtained some of this or how much they’ve obtained and just exactly what’s taken place.” 

Really?!  This of course means they could be in anyone’s hands, say AQ, Iran and so on. The article goes on to explain that Panetta is sure the main sites are secure, it is some of the other sites that are in question.

Again – really?!

This is NOT a non-story. This buried fact will show itself later. Just where and when?

Added: Curious, CNN has the story but has positioned it that everything is ok. Hmmm

Netanyahu’s red-line speech

September 28, 2012 Leave a comment

Jerusalem Post


New York Times

It is no surprise the volume of material being reported my MSM and alternative news outlets on the events of the last 24 hours. Netanyahu’s speech was successful for his ability for plainly stating his case why a “red-line” approach is needed by the world in reference to Iran’s nuclear proliferation. Some sources share the O’s administration was irked by Netanyahu’s remarks but I am sure that doesn’t concern him.

“Netanyahu made apparent reference to criticism that it was inelegant of him to make an issue of the red lines with the US so close to the November presidential election, saying he was speaking about the issue now ” because the Iranian nuclear calendar doesn’t take time out for anyone or for anything. I speak about it now because when it comes to the survival of my country, it’s not only my right to speak; it’s my duty to speak.””.

Not surprisingly Iran’s retort to Netanyahu’s speech was that Israel needed to come clean about its nuclear weapons arsenal. We will see this drum beating gain traction, I am certain of it.

Jordan is next

September 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Quietly over the past year few comments have made their way across the news about the future of Jordan and specifically King Abdullah II. According to a recent Debka story the Muslim Brotherhood has officially targeted this government for the next “spring”.  Important to understand is the use of “spring” is ironic. What IS occurring is where a Muslim nation is under dictatorship which eliminates the ability of the MB/Islamists to thrive, they are targeted under the guise of democracy and open elections in order to grab control. Look at maps of the Middle East and the so-called “Spring” and learn what has or is happening to the government of the recent past. The open elections are the gateway to power for Islamists and once they have the nation in their grasp they will then clench their hands and rule the nation with a fist.

If Debka’s article is accurate, which I am sure it is – then we will soon read of changes in Jordan. The MB needs to be stopped but I don’t think King Abdullah II will have the means to do so.

Why he refuses to fess up

September 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Again Romney is asking the million dollar question: Why won’t O state the incident in Benghazi was a terrorist attack? His administration states it was but he does not.

1. Because O declared Libya was “mission accomplished”

2. Because O promised he would usher in a wave of peace with Islamists

3. And the biggie: Because it would be the first successful terrorist attack against the US since 9/11 and it occurred on US territory. Remember that embassies are sovereign territory of the nation housed. And all of that came under his watch.


Distractions: Netanyahu

September 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Pretty telling article that is supposed to be an endorsement of O’s administration. The implications of what is “said” however speak volumes against the administration and O himself. Being President of the USA the job is 24X7 or at least should be. And while understand delegation it is apparent that “punting” is the SOP and Netanyahu and Israel will just have to deal with it.

Definitely relegates Netanyahu to “noise”.

Emphasis added

Doug Mills/The New York Times

Tom Donilon helps monitor the world for the president.

WASHINGTON — When President Obama flies to New York on Monday afternoon for the United Nations General Assembly, he will dispense with the usual battery of one-on-one meetings with world leaders so he can tape an appearance on “The View” and return by midweek to the battleground state of Ohio. Left to help smooth over any ruffled feathers will be Tom Donilon.

Gray-suited, meticulous and little known to the public, Mr. Donilon is the president’s national security adviser and central figure in American foreign policy, “the most important person in the mix,” according to Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. In this critical campaign season, he has also become the president’s geopolitical bodyguard, charged with keeping the world at bay for another 43 days.

Mr. Donilon is the one who wakes the president when an ambassador is killed in Libya, the one who tries to keep Israel from rupturing relations and Egypt from heading off track. Solutions to intractable problems like Iran’s nuclear program are for another day. For now, it is Mr. Donilon’s mission to manage problems and keep them from blowing up, so Mr. Obama can focus on Mitt Romney rather than Benjamin Netanyahu.


Whole article here

More than Noise

September 24, 2012 Leave a comment

It will be interesting to see how the next 24-48 hours unfold following the airing of O on 60 Minutes last night. I can not stomach watching him so I am relying on reporters and analysts about the show. Hopefully I will find a transcript of the interview.

Debka which is an Israeli independent news and intelligence website has an article tying O’s remarks as further proof that he will not cooperate with Netanyahu in reference to joint military action or even a definitive red-line.  The Weekly Standard has an article pointing out the O’s language about Israel mirrors Ahmadinejad’s remarks about Israel.

The election is too close to call and that apparently translates into putting Netanyahu at an arm’s length. Conversation over the phone will not produce a photo-op that can be shared, printed and appear as cooperation and alliance. Phone calls make it easier to be formal and distant. O and his election campaign managers and consultants apparently believe that they need to have Israel stand on point in the matter of Iranian nuclear production and proliferation. Iran knows that with the current USA administration that talking while working clandestinely is the best SOP because as long as nothing  is flagrant then USA military action will not occur.

For O if suddenly Iran produced a nuclear bomb it would merely be an intelligence failure. For Israel it may very well be an end of existence.

The imagery O uses referring to Netanyahu’s pleas for help as “noise” reflects O’s ignorance or ulterior motives. For example, a man is sitting on a bench waiting for a bus and reading a book. Coming from behind him he hears exclamations “Help! Fire! Call 911!” He sits up a bit, looks down the street for the bus and then resumes reading his book. “Please! My family is inside! Someone please help! Mister on the bench please get us help! Please call 911!” The gentleman furrows his brow determined to focus on reading his book. “Help! Please help!” The bus pulls up, he stands up and enters the bus. The driver asks him what is going on? “I don’t know I was trying to read but their was a lot of noise out there.”

Pleas for help when action is needed is not noise unless you are one who does not want to act.

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