Caught between a rock and a hard place

MSNBC like most CNBC prefers to twist and lie “news” to mudsling on PRESIDENT TRUMP and his administration. After all, remember the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which is going to result in the death of people and the destruction of our country (see Schumer and Pelosi’s lies) has been resulting in the opposite (SHOCK! not if u had a brain). In “masses” love affair of Jobs and the Apple of his eye, CNBC wants to report on Apple in a positive way (keep drinking the kool-aid consumers) so CNBC had to (HORROR of HORROR) report that Apple was returning BILLIONS back to the US economy.

Apple announces plans to repatriate billions in overseas cash

On the heels of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’s passage into law, CNBC reports that Apple will contribute $350 billion back to the U.S. economy.

“[The company] said it expects to pay about $38 billion in taxes for the horde of cash it plans to bring back to the United States. This implies it will repatriate virtually all of its $250 billion in overseas cash,” Anita Balakrishnan of CNBC writes. “Apple also said it will spend over $30 billion in capital expenditures over the next five years.”