Rousing speech

Listen – at least one representative in Congress gets it 5:04 minutes This from Nolte at Breitbart People can debate whether or not Romney made a diplomatic “gaffe” all they want, but what’s not debatable is that even outside of the world of horserace politics, our collapsing economy is a very serious matter which makes […]

Rice writes

Honest, I wrote the post this morning before reading the Rice article located here. I agree with about 90% of what she wrote. The big takeaway point from the article is we need a President that is a leader who embraces and believes that the USA is an exceptional country. The article is short, maybe 5 minutes […]

Looking around and ahead

As for this post there will be no hyperlinks to articles or copying & pasting text from another location. Not that there hasn’t been some interesting events unfurling or breaking through.  In the real world of my own existence and livelihood, things have been also breaking through which has required my attention and consideration. Those […]

CES’ philosophy and viewpoint

For over 3 years I have been writing and saying that the CES is a socialist. Some think I use that as purely a derogatory label. Nope, calling him what he is. A socialist amateur who never should have become president of our country but too many of the citizens of our country are naive and well…. […]

Roberts: Not doing his job

In this The Week magazine on page 20 is the article Obamacare ruling: Why did Roberts switch sides? The article does like a typical Week article and presents a few bits of commentary and analysis on the subject. It well reflects all the commentary I read or heard following the decision which is – in […]

Never a dull moment

Isn’t it interesting that the CES, his administration and the MSM haven’t lauded the successful election in Libya? In defense (hack, hack) of the CES, his pick didn’t win. Yep the Islamist lost, the administration going into Libya is a secular liberal alliance. Great news for the people of Libya that is if the Islamists […]

A Certain Group

Excerpt below is from today’s NYT article “After Meeting With Clinton, Egypt’s Military Chief Steps Up Political Feud” CAIRO — Egypt’s top military official stepped up his feud with the Muslim Brotherhood on Sunday, saying the army would prevent Egypt from falling to a “certain group,” according to the state news agency. The remarks by […]