Deja’ vu

2 cents:

If Biden enters the Democratic presidential race for 2016 it is solely to take votes away from Sanders and push Hillary in. The same strategy that worked to take votes from Bush and put Bill in the WH. They learned it is a tried and true strategy. Undoubtedly Biden will agree being the loyal Democrat. His back story of losing his son will be used to garnish the sympathetic vote.

There is just so much…

Day after day news comes out of actions by so-called government leadership (current or at the time) and those such as Hillary Clinton (following in her husband’s legacy: all void of accountability, responsibility and punishment).  Our government is a runaway freight train and all aligned to the liberal agenda tend to get away with everything.

Seeing the headline at the top of Drudge Report today: 

Clinton finally hands over server -- after it's professionally wiped clean!

Go to the story here that is at

It is infuriating and appalling.