“Run!” He could hear the exclamation inside his mind. “Don’t look back!” He ran and fought off the curiosity to look behind him at his foe. He figured he must have many lengths between him and her but each moment he was just about to let up… “Run!” And it was like the flip of […]

2 cents on Snowden and the WH

1. I would not classify him as a traitor. 2. At – hero is defined as “a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.” Using or understanding this definition I believe you would have to classify Snowden as a hero. 3. The package of charges pressed against him yesterday are […]

Beneficial reading

Published today in the UK by Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald is the short article: On the Espionage Act charged against Edward Snowden. Greenwald is one of the journalist that Snowden reached out to when deciding to go forward with whistleblowing on the US government. It is a good synopsis about the intent of Snowden and […]

Iran agrees to halt 20-percent uranium enrichment

To my amazement this story has yet to break through in the USA. Debka reported yesterday that Russia says Iran is willing to agree to halting 20% uranium enrichment. The article is worth the minute to read. It seems that the announcement was made deliberately right before a G8 announcement was going to be made […]


Interview transcript 2 cents: When they stop killing each other because of religious differences… When the arms are placed down and the people overwhelmingly stand up and cry out for peace and improvements in their quality of life… When the citizens want freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… THEN and ONLY THEN should the […]

On eternal things, v.3

In the Bible God tells us… That there is none righteous, no not one. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Our works of righteousness are nothing but filthy rags. Because of sin we are enemies of God and the wages of sin is death. The good news is that God […]

Exceptionalism was identified as too costly

A well written column by Noonan titled Privacy Isn’t All We’re Losing. It brought to mind the concept of American Exceptionalism and how that has been attacked and ALMOST wiped out. Bear with me here – it will hopefully make sense. A practice in the business world is bench marking. I believe the original purpose/intent […]

Your thoughts?

As always, I’m interested in other’s opinion/insight on current events or whatever I write about. In reference to the leak of information initiated by Snowden, what are your thoughts? Is he a traitor to the USA? Hero? Somewhere in between? I am on the fence about his actions.

The other shoe

Quickie: Apparently another shoe is going to drop in reference to the NSA privacy vacuuming. For maximum news cycle effectiveness I would think it would come on a Monday or Tuesday however if the government tries to get in front of it they will slowly spin blurbs over the/a weekend. Right now some leadership in high […]

Focus domestically

The government of the USA has more than enough matters domestically that requires attention and/or funds to either create or improve so why not focus on those? Why spend dollars and other resources for a civil war in Syria, especially when your choice to back is the group that has blatantly and repeatedly pledged its […]