Being reasonable – ch 27

For a few moments I considered going back to the store and facing Tess about us and what I had seen but quickly my own cowardice and propensity for avoiding conflict squashed such a notion. I grew frustrated as I drove because I had no idea where I was heading. Over the next 25 minutes […]

A Commercial Break

My wife and I have been doing cartoons and stories for years. We decided recently on sharing these with those who may find them interesting. Totally innocent and cute stories that mirror real life happenings of ours. Hope you enjoy. Here is the link to our Tumblr page that you can select follow if you wish; […]

X-Files – the movie that should have been made

I’m not sure what you would call it, but below is a story-line draft for the third X-Files movie. The story starts six months where the second movie left off. To this moment no one has read this and I have now decided to share it in hopes someone would get enjoyment from it. I’m […]

The Case of Harold Anderson

What follows is the first half of a book I began writing around 20 years ago. The only person to have read this is my wife. I am sure there are plenty of editing adjustments that need to be made but I never can seem to get myself to do it because I figure why […]


Run! Run faster! Push you idiot! He spoke to himself. Actually he yelled at himself. He fought the urge to look. He knew he needed to keep running The darkness was his ally and an obstacle. Using cars and trees as objects to hide behind, He zigged and zagged now turning down streets remaining northward […]

Reciprocity (or the Confessions of an Artist)

He beat the source of so much hurt, humiliation and pain. He beat it until he could no longer swing his arms. The thing slumped on the ground, not moving and it did not make a sound. The man smirked while thinking to himself “who is the victim now?” The thought created the immediate need […]

Questions – ch24

The months went by and we grew closer. Dinner at each of our parents’ places provided anxiety, stress, laughter, embarrassment, sharing, relief, affection, and well-being. It was a cycle we each had to go through and we did. Of course each of our dads had to be “hams” as well as – surprisingly – warm. […]

Okay, OKAY – ch23

Tess jumped up and went to her dad mumbling something under her breath. I stood up and looked at my father who had the proud look in his eyes because he knew “he got me”. I walked over to my mom and said “what the heck are you guys doing?” “It was your father’s idea” […]

Trick or treat – ch22

Sitting in front of the apartment building passing out candy with Harry (who is bald), Loretta (not affiliated with Harry, yet), and Harry’s dog Roscoe. Harry is a widower of ten years and Roscoe has been with him for the past twelve years. Harry is young to be widower, he is 50 and works for the city […]

Fact & Candy Fairies – ch21

Evening finally arrived which meant now to the time of the good stuff. Leave work. Leave cubicle-land. Leave the mind numbing job. Leave the condescending boss who is unprofessional and disrespectful. Leave the place of masks and fakes. Leave all the bad, the necessary part of life – for now. Onto the purpose of life. […]