Revealing week

The analysis in this morning’s Debka article is solid, though I disagree with the call to action in the last two paragraphs in reference to Israel. The USA’s president should have never opened his mouth in reference to red lines in referring to Syria a few months ago. He was shooting off his mouth and […]

rhetoric and reality

While AP and the WH try to create the idea of “oh boy you are going to get in trouble” vibe to Syria and the world with the latest rhetoric¬†the reality is pointed out by Debka which is that the very same WH had the USS carrier the Truman leave the area on the very […]

Catching up

A lot of things have been going on in personal life which has kept me from posting here like I want to. I have quite a bit of articles and news in my folder as things to share which are somewhat old news now. At the bottom of the post are links to articles of […]

It doesn’t add up, but…

EXCELLENT analysis about the recent terror alerts by the USA government. Debka is right, the pieces do not add up if the cover story is the truth. I will put on my “conspiracy hat” and float a theory. Theory:¬†What if Israel has announced to the WH it is going to hit the nuclear sites in […]

Egypt, Iran, Benghazi & USA

In Egypt the frustration of the past year’s experience at the hands of the MB/Islamists/Muslim Extreme-Fundamentalism has resulted in the military, the temp government and the majority of the population putting measures in place to not allow the roaches back inside the house. Of course it is no surprise to those who have been observing […]