On eternal things v.2

I believe the second verse I memorized was for the Sunday school program when I was eight years old and in department 8. I am pretty sure my Sunday school teacher was a gentleman named Sonny Neal. 39 years have passed and he is still working for the Lord. He is a kind soul which […]

On eternal things v.1

This is the first post of which I hope will be several on the subject matter of favorite verses/portions of the Bible. My “faith” as we say today, is of exceptional importance to me. It is the eyeglasses which I view and perceive the different things and experiences of my life. My Christian walk is […]

True colors

As I alluded to before in at least one post here and in many conversations with people on the subject matter of a nuclear Iran, it appears what I thought the CES would actually do is quite possibly going to become a reality. Today’s article in DEBKA reveals that O’s administration is going to back […]