If you wish to unfriend/unlike/disconnect me, so be it.

I am disgusted with my country. I dread the next election.

I see what is going on in the world and here in this country and it either angers me or depresses me. Depends on the stableness of my being that particular day. I can’t understand why people would vote for someone who had no practical experience, no convictions, and was so overtly arrogant. Yes, to make it clear, I am refering to the chief empty suit, Barak Hussein Obama. Why would someone in their right mind vote for such a person? Honestly, I can’t get my head around it. And then add to such the fact that the same person will be voting again in the next election and the one after that etc for on average another thirty years. Our country is screwed up and honestly has no hope. The people of such bent outnumber me and mine. Plus your votes are easily bought by government handouts so the numbers continue to get bigger against me and mine.

The collaboration of Obama and Shiite Muslims

To look around the world and know that for about two years my country is not going to do what is right is heart-breaking, frustrating and irritating.

To see the chief empty suit bowing over backwards to an evil regime that is leading Iran is infuriating. To understand that a lot of the unrest is being funded by Iran and that they are doing whatever they can to get a better grip in the Middle East is also infuriating. They know fully that in the USA we have no executive branch leadership and that he and his team are blind and complicit to what is actually going on in the Middle East. Six years ago the people were rising up in Iran looking for allies to revolt against their government and chief empty suit did nothing. In Syria the people raised up against their government and chief empty suit did nothing. In Egypt the chief empty suit sided with the Muslim Brotherhood.

I suspect that the chief empty suit knows that his lineage is of Shiite Muslim heritage. I also suspect that he is himself is of this persuasion and most certainly of their ideology. This would indeed explain much as to what he has been doing the past six years and what his agenda will be in the remainder of his presidency.

Iran will not stop until Israel is no longer and the Middle East is fully under the control of the ayatollah. All words and actions are to bring these two goals success. Lie, murder, conspire etc. Do WHATEVER you need to do to accomplish the objectives.

Here in the USA we the people are complicit because:
1. he was an elected official (not by me!!!)
2. we have not rose up and removed him from office

Why is their not an American Spring? I suspect as long as people continue to have their bandwidth and TV/entertainment there will not be a insurrection. We ARE allowing ourselves to be amused to death. ┬áDisagree? Why isn’t Hillary being prosecuted? Why is Hillary even considered the Democratic presidential candidate (before the fact) and has been virtually tapped already as the next president?

We are in deep trouble people.