I am persuaded that O and our government is doing its best to suppress this news break because of the uproar it will cause in our country. This information needs to get to the masses. Take the one minute to read the bold sections so you can get a gist of the information. This will impact our lives and safety.

Iran announced on Wednesday, Dec. 14, that it had completed the transfer of its nuclear facilities underground, including its uranium enrichment centrifuges, and that the Iranian nuclear program was now safe from US and Israeli attack. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Passive Defense Division, Gholamreza Jalali, said: “Our vulnerability in the nuclear area has reached the minimum level.” And if circumstances demand it, he said, uranium enrichment facilities would be placed in more secure locations.
Israeli Defense Minister Barak has repeatedly warned that once it was buried in underground bunkers, Iran’s nuclear infrastructure could no longer be attacked; nor would it be possible to find out what was happening there. His meaning was that that no one would know when Iran started building nuclear bombs in deep underground chambers.
Then, Monday, Dec. 12, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Strategic Affairs Moshe Ya’alon said, “Iran will acquire military nuclear capability within months.”
debkafile’s intelligence sources report that in the second part of his comment, the Iranian Guards official was referring to the first-generation P1 and P2 centrifuges which remain at the regular Natanz. It is the newer and faster IR2 and IR4 machines which are being moved to the new underground nuclear city at Fordo near Qom. When these advanced models have all been transferred to Fordo, Iran can start enriching the 20-percent grade uranium it has accumulated to 60 percent, a step before weapons grade.
This accumulated stock is sufficient for four or five nuclear bombs. Nothing but a decision by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stands between this and the final enrichment leap to the military level and the assembly of the first bomb.
Western and Israeli intelligence experts have assumed until now that Iran was held back by serious problems with the new centrifuges which arose from a shortage of the specialized aluminum alloys, tungsten-copper plates, tungsten metal powder and maraging steel for their blades, the key to smooth enrichment up to weapons-grade.
In recent weeks, US and Israeli officials have argued that Iran’s inability to manufacture these rare metals themselves or obtain them on international markets was delaying Tehran’s progress. This argument supported their claim that there was still time to stop the nuclear program before it produced a weapon.

But debkafile’s intelligence sources now report exclusively that Iran has solved this problem. Since early November, North Korea has been sending the Islamic Republic consignments of the missing metals following a deal brokered by Chinese middlemen who also helped arrange their shipment. Tehran is already in receipt of the hundreds of tons of rare metals needed to keep its high-tech centrifuges spinning uninterrupted.
Western intelligence officials conclude that Iran deliberately exaggerated the explosion Sunday, Dec. 11 at a steel plant in the central Iranian town of Yazd intending to imply that the Americans or Israelis had conducted another covert attack on the production of special metals for Iran’s nuclear industry. Iran hoped to mislead the West into believing that Iran was still stalled by lack of a regular supply of those metals, when in fact the shortage has been overcome and advanced uranium enrichment was racing ahead deep underground.

a virus

Earlier this week, I think Tuesday, I had the vivid image of fires spreading across the world. There is so much instability, unhappiness, protesting and malaise. I look outside and I see nature following its instincts, seasons and routines. In my heart I know that much if not all that is negatively occurring is the result of godlessness, wickedness, evil and plain old sin. In my mind I try to discern what is coming next.
Just focusing on our country there is more than enough to keep one busy. TPTB that are the nucleus of our two lame political parties are putting out weak candidates. You know that the Democratic party is unhappy with O but with him wanting the nomination as incumbent he gets it. A look over at the Republican party mess and I roll my eyes at the characters. MSM will sink anyone who has made mistakes in the past that the MSM doesn’t like. I wonder if Palin won’t attempt to ride in and “save” the party (huge mistake on her part). We have a mess in our so-called leadership of the government and that is without considering the belligerent traitors in our Congress. I will “say” again – we desperately need an amendment to the Constitution that puts lifetime term limits on a Congress member. You & I know that if something happened and we lost all of our Congress members it would be a good thing for our country. A much needed and long overdue reboot is what we need. No – I am not threatening anybody but I am pointing out how bad the situation really is.
You, I and the vast majority of citizens need to rise up and revolt against the federal government. It is at least 100 years overdue. We are not made with the strong values and passion for liberty & freedom those who led to the creation of our nation were. How horrible that is! We have allowed the system to be rigged, manipulated and mutated into such a way and thing that revolution is just about impossible. Yet I am reasonably certain that if a small group of people wisely and passionately articulated the desire and need and then positioned and in essence marketed it we could see the fire and passion for real systemic change at the federal government level occur. But where is that small group? It is not the occupiers movement or the tea party. I don’t think it would be a third party because MSM & TPTB have laid too much track and interference for such a thing to gain traction. It would have to come in a manner like the tea party in that it went for reformation inside the corruption. Much as Luther wanted to reform the heretical Catholic church, he never desired to leave it but correct it. That is the recipe for change when one is going against an organization/monstrosity that pretty much has complete power and influence. We need something like a computer virus that infiltrates the host and then releases the change in code/principles/values.