been thinking

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about life lately – much different than I usually do. Over the past three years I have had this kind weird interest in obituaries and the need to see faces to the names. It won’t surprise me that whatever this is – is also behind my interest with the […]

Get the vocabulary correct

Here is a section from Roger Cohen’s article in the NYT “The Age of Possibility“: “Although there’s talk in the West of a new Age of Anxiety, the neurosis is in fact fairly narrowly confined. True, the unease lies in what is still by far the world’s largest economy — the United States — and […]

We are not all created equal

It is long past the time we need to come to grips with this inaccurate phrase: all are created equal. One can call it fate, chance, or God but whatever word you use to describe the fact that you were born at such a place and not another, to a woman and not a different […]

The present – ch25

Inspiration can come from the darndest things. Answers to questions unspoken can also appear as secret Santa gifts at your desk in the middle of July. Such was the case for me. I was getting coffee at my favorite coffee shop and decided to sit in one of the comfy chairs that the bottom was […]

unfortunately no improvement

Nov. 30th Late last week the University of MI consumer sentiment report and analysis was released. It is “present” looking study and has over 30 years of historical data to compare the present with. It is a nice, short and sweet snapshot of the national consumer “feeling” about spending and earning. The November report highlights: […]

Plugging a leak

Mr. Krauthammer’s recent article dealt with the Wikileaks subject and Assange in particular; here a few snip-its: At a Monday news conference, Attorney General Eric Holder assured the nation that his people are diligently looking into possible legal action against WikiLeaks. Where has Holder been? The WikiLeaks exposure of Afghan war documents occurred five months […]


November 30th My mother asked me via email what I thought about the organization and the recent data dump. I was wondering myself because I was a bit unnerved with the Sunday dump where in the past I haven’t been. I think I got it figured out for myself and replied to her – I […]

Flurries and papers

First day of December and we have snow flurries and while it is cold outside I know this is nothing compared to what we will have to endure soon. I skimmed over the NYT, WSJ and Washington Post this morning [yep I am THAT busy] and came across a couple eyebrow raising things. First the […]