not laughing

the above is in page 38 of The Week magazine, 10/21/11 edition Recession: Economics. a period of an economic contraction, sometimes limited in scope or duration. Depression: Economics. a period during which business, employment, and stock-market values decline severely or remain at a very low level of activity. 2 cents: Now tell me again […]

Depitalism – need to correct our economic infrastructure

This article in today’s USA Today points to what I have been writing about – what I refer to as Depitalism. Quote from article: “While some progress in consumer debt reduction has been made, the heavy lifting of meaningful deleveraging still lies ahead,” the study says. Until consumers repair their balance sheets, they are unlikely […]

So what was the big deal?

Krauthammer wrote a fantastic short article about exactly what was Abbas doing going to the UN like he did last week. It’ll take maybe two minutes to read. Be informed! Historically accurate article and wise analysis.  

Grim Facts

It is my opinion that the MSM (main stream media) is doing what they can to aid O to secure a second term. I am referring in this post to the ridiculous swirl they keep churning over the Republican primary contenders. First they stoked it up for Trump (fade away), then Palin (she has not […]