Liars lie. Murderers kill.

DOWNLOAD ALL THE FILES HE PROVIDED If u get a popup abt an app for downloading, select the “can’t use” and then u can download like normal THEY INTEND TO STEAL THE ELECTION IN 2020 Remember, the DNC is the party of death and hate.

A plain example of the phrase “no good deed goes unpunished.”

Baltimore Sun editorial board (great way to hide the author/s name) shows the typical radicalized liberal democrat hate, venom and politicizing of everything. [[2 cents: I wonder how much over the years they have contributed to the unethical hater Cummings?  Notice I did not use the word/abbr. “Rep” because it has become quite apparent to […]

Get involved!

Takes less than a minute to sign these petitions. Demand President Trump label Antifa a domestic terrorist organization Demand USA Citizen question be added to the USA 2020 Census Withhold Congress paychecks until Border Issue is Resolved Federal Government must investigate organizations set up by Chinese Communist to promote their political agenda Declare George Soros […]