Egypt, Iran, NSA and the American Government

Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, the first senior US official to visit Cairo since the military coup of July 3, exchanged tough talk with the coup leader, Defense minister Gen. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, Monday, after he met interim President Adly Mansour and Prime Minister Hazem al-Beblawi. The general frankly advised Washington to be more […]

A Commercial Break

My wife and I have been doing cartoons and stories for years. We decided recently on sharing these with those who may find them interesting. Totally innocent and cute stories that mirror real life happenings of ours. Hope you enjoy. Here is the link to our Tumblr page that you can select follow if you wish; […]

Meet Angela

A wonderful LiveJournal friend of mine is Angela. She is a fantastic individual with a great heart. Her LJ is octobrea She is also on FB but I don’t remember her the account name. About a year and a half ago she began sponsoring a child in Togo whose name is Hola. Now, she has made the […]

They did it!

The president of the USA has pointed out to Russia and the Syrian allies that Israel was responsible for attacks on weapons pipelines in the nation of Syria. This is further proof about the inclinations if not out right beliefs of the that pathetic president of the USA. His corrupt leadership has a terrible history […]

EU and the end of national sovereignty

“If Europeans are to overcome their fear of giving up sovereignty in order to achieve political union, a civic sense of attachment to Europe and its institutions must be regained and nurtured.” “The EU is one of the great political milestones of mankind. For this reason, and in order to emerge stronger from the difficult […]

No “mis” in the impression

A succinct synopsis of the stupidity and failed leadership of the WH and its chief empty suit. See when you “lead from behind” what you are really doing is attempting to be on the winning side. When you play both sides you are doing the same thing. When you are caught doing this you will […]

News out of Egypt

Egyptian Army Chief Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi took to state television to announce that the head of the country’s constitutional court would take over as president until new elections are held. “We’ll build an Egyptian society that is strong and stable, that will not exclude anyone…and end the conflict,” Al-Sisi said. He said military leaders had […]