Hamas aims Grad at Dimona reactor

From Debka this morning: Less than 24 hours after Sudanese President Omar Bashir pledged “decisive steps against Israeli interests which are now legitimate targets,” for the destruction of the Iranian missile plant in Khartoum, Palestinian rocket teams early Sunday, Oct. 28, fired Grad missiles as target finders against Israel’s nuclear reactor in Dimona. This is […]

Ayman al-Zawahri has called on Muslims

(Reuters) – Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri has called on Muslims to kidnap Westerners, join Syria’s rebellion and to ensure Egypt implements sharia law. 2 cents: note the Islamist desire for sharia law in Egypt which is a MB unstated goal. He wants Syria to fall and be an Islamist nation which I’m sure is […]

Petraeus Throws Obama Under the Bus

Over at the Weekly Standard William Kristol blogged the following: Breaking news on Benghazi: the CIA spokesman, presumably at the direction of CIA director David Petraeus, has put out this statement: “No one at any level in the CIA told anybody not to help those in need; claims to the contrary are simply inaccurate. ” […]

further more

While Noonan’s recent article is good and in most ways accurate she missed another part of the story which is in the debate America and the world saw the chief empty suit without the huge mechanism of liberal spin – the MSM – being the mechanism that delivers, buffers and spins the arrogant and belligerent […]

Politicizing Iran nuclear aspirations

New York Times Debka Jerusalem Post With Monday’s final debate scheduled on the subject of foreign policy it is little surprise that conflicting messages are coming out of the WH. (The 3 sites give 3 different messages.) Late last night I received the news alert email that the NYT is reporting the WH and Iran […]


Very unsettling documents have been released that reflect what many people already stated – Benghazi deaths and injuries were not only targeted, planned events but that Stevens had been warning the State Dept. that things were spiraling out of control and they were being threatened. Hillary has stated the buck stops with her which is true to […]

Crossing another red line

From Debka this morning: “Tehran managed to install the last four clusters of 174 centrifuges each inside in “Fordo’s B Chamber” shortly before European Union foreign ministers approved toughened sanctions in Brussels Monday, 15 Oct….This is in line with Tehran’s consistent response to every form of pressure, financial, economic, intelligence or military, which is to […]

Quit poisoning yourself and those you love

A friend made me aware of this. I had heard some of the issue but was not really “informed”. This morning I invested in myself and wife by watching the video (see link directly below). It is an eye opener! Many of the symptoms they discuss  – I experience. A sad fact is I usually […]