More than a transaction – ch4

She was doing her job like she always did. She smiled and talked to the customers and I noticed that each customer left her cashier with their products packed into bags and with a smile. Customer after customer, old and young, male or female – always the same result. I reassessed the contents of my cart […]

Eyes to see – ch3

At the bookstore, armed with a cup of hairy eyelid peeling cup of “coffee” I began browsing the magazines. I decided to skip current events and economics and was faced with the two-tier section of women’s magazines. Onto the next shelf which was a mix of computer related, gamers, and music magazines. I took another cautious sip […]

An unspoken principle – ch1

My eyes were closed but I could see the brightness of light. The warmth of the sun made its impression on my face as it grasped me. A moment, one rarely noticed, never mind enjoyed, was mine – then. Yes it is correctly noted in the past tense. That was the moment I learned the […]


  I can remember it as if it happened yesterday. Two days ago I was going to a local Starbucks for my early evening drink when I felt the wind cut through my coat stabbing me with a painful cold gash in my torso. The pain went straight into my bones and for a moment I […]

The plunge

With dreams, aspirations of being a writer, author I guess I need to “publish” my material so that someone may read it and hopefully enjoy it. While the experience and satisfaction of writing a short story, a simple post, a chapter or whatever may come is based on what is of interest to me; the […]