Socialism is a failure

Article link RUSH: … All of this that’s happening is going to implode, just like it imploded in the Soviet Union. Folks, socialism has never worked anywhere. It always implodes. It always fails. And Obama is nothing special. He’s not a messiah. He doesn’t have a magic wand that can turn a demonstrated failure of […]

Response to Hillary Clinton

“What difference, at this point, does it make?” Clinton shouted, seemingly losing her cool. Link How he should have answered coolly: “I wanted to ask you these questions four months ago. Despite four months passing – you still don’t have answers.”

Real problems

There  is a lot going on – and IMO most of it is wrong. Actually, at least for me, it is overwhelming. I blog as a means of trying to have a voice in this large nation. I also blog to share information that I feel a lot of people have not seen.  The world […]