Radicalized Left and the issue of needing more votes

A great summary of the dems/libtards repeatedly contradicting themselves about border security and illegal immigration


Election results of 2016 presidential election



















The Wall

Mr. President, the RINOs and the radicalized liberal democrats are trying to make THE WALL your version of Bush’s failed promise “read my lips…” You have to make the wall a fully realized success of fulfilling a most vocal and supported promise.

Plz consider this

Sometimes people automatically dismiss something someone is saying because they don’t like the person.
Sometimes people automatically dismiss something someone says because MSM and their society tells them the person is a “quack”.
Its not easy to discern. It takes your time to do such a thing. It takes self-discipline and use of critical thinking to discern. It also requires that the person judges the content on the merit of the content and not the wrapper it comes in.
In our society today, TPTB which definitely includes MSM, federally funded public education and so called “higher learning” have aggressively and yet quietly “made” humans lazy and handicapped as far as one’s ability to critically think, discern and reason. Shortcuts such as stereotypes and labels are introduced and then repetitively pushed into the unknowing mind and dare say, spirit of the person. We are seeing the fruit of such treacherous actions today.
Now these children have grown to an age where they are having children and these children do not have the protection of the parent of old. The parent who knew right and wrong, absolute truth and common sense. No, today the children and especially the youngest of the ages now, have almost no one trying to protect them and the WICKED know it and are going for broke.

Plz watch the 9 minute video. Yes sometimes the audio & video track get out of sync. It does correct itself. He speaks for about 6 minutes giving his analysis which is accurate and then from 6:43-9:34 he provides clearly documented proof of his analysis.

Using popular fairy tales and story archetypes, Alex Jones breaks down how adults have always warned children about abusive adults who want to corrupt their youthful innocence.

Video link



the information runs 9:34m and afterward is his explanation to the viewer about his health line of products his organization offers for sale.
BTW – I use several of his products and they have been much better than others for the same type of “line” the health product is in. And no this is not a paid for advertisement.