Employment & College Degrees

Well written & researched article that people with young kids in their lives that they could influence and coach would find handy. Also good for people who are considering career changes. Gist: A general guideline these days is that people are rewarded when they can do things that take trained judgment and skill — things, […]

Atta boy for the two of ’em

The US leader was rebuffed last month when he demanded private guarantees that no strike would go ahead without White House notification, suggesting Israel no longer plans to “seek Washington’s permission”, sources said. The disclosure, made by insiders briefed on a top-secret meeting between America’s most senior defense chief and Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s hawkish prime […]


Ok, I have read the IAEA report. Understand that the report is written in such a way that you don’t have to be a nuclear engineer or whatever to get the gist of the IAEA’s assessment. Based solely on what the report states it would seem Iran needs to either admit what they are doing […]

What’s that smell?

The Federal Reserve significantly reduced its forecast of economic growth through 2013, acknowledging that it had once again overestimated the nation’s recovery from the 2008 financial crisis. Full story here 2 cents: Gee, so for the last 3 years you mean we haven’t been in a recovery? Note that the opening sentence states “once again” […]