the hole

I read this NYT article this morning that was the result of two philosophers trying to explain why the majority of people feel “empty” and how to remedy the situation. They tell us to be proactive and participate in things that will provide us “whooshing up” moments. “We get whooshed up at a sports arena, at a political rally or even at magical moments while woodworking or walking through nature.”  The writer of the article points out that these two philosophers writing from the so-called scholarly ivory towers are of the belief that there is no God and since they feel that way and have the empty hole in their lives that the majority of society does as well.

Why I mention this article and am taking the time to post about it is that they do hit the nail on the head, accidentally, as to what many people are and do go through. And this pertains to Christians, religious, spiritual or not. I speak from first hand experience on this. One can have “beliefs” and really not be connected to them. Or another way to put, being spiritual minus the power and peace. In order to have any chance of explaining what I mean I have to speak from what I know so I will address it from the position of a Christian but if the reader is a Buddhist, free-lance, etc I believe they can easily and effectively replace the proper nouns to identify with this better.

For a Christian we are to be Christ-like and that does not just mean “behave”. Jesus came to this earth to save the lost because it was His Father’s will. He suffered and died on the cruel cross of Golgotha because it was God’s will for His life. To be Christ-like, to be a Christian, means to be fulfilling God’s will for your life. In can be to be a Christian book-seller, Christian teacher, Christian janitor, Christian doctor, and it can also be to be a Christian missionary or other similar responsibilities; the bottom line is that we are doing the Father’s will. If we are I am of the firm belief we will not have the empty hole. That does not mean we won’t have rough, tough, miserable times ahead. It just means the hole will be filled and there is a peace that passes all understanding when that is the case.

Our nation claims to be religious/spiritual but the truth of the matter is our nation is religious/spiritual only at a certain place and at a certain time/s a week; the other days of the week we are doing what we want, when we want and doing our best to accumulate wealth, prosperity or simply covering the weekly or monthly living expenses. There is without a doubt a large hole.

Selfishness, prosperity seeking and the like are never ever satisfied; they will always leave a hole.

So the question is simple, whose will are you trying to fulfill?