Oaf – ch 28

“I should be mad at you,” she said as she walked back into her kitchen. I must confess as I told her what I thought I saw I realized I was an idiot. The words were an indictment of my stupidity. After I completed it I also wondered why in the world I didn’t stop […]

Priorities and the Implications

You have a nation that has been having to defend itself from rockets fired into the country by terrorists for a month. Whereas the nation defends itself trying its best to spare civilian lives despite the lack of care by the in power terrorists causing the problems. You have the chief empty suit president in […]

Bated breath

Drudge Report today at 7:23 PM EST   I can hear the man saying “Wait, (pause) wait for it…” Despite the current administration’s spinning and the general support of MSM, all is not well here in the USA financially and/or economically. Don’t even get me going about politically or spiritually.

*not shocked*

I am waiting for war crime charges to be leveled against our current administration for the fact that some innocent civilians have died in Afghanistan because of our drone technology and specifically for the fact that we have not shared this technology with the Taliban and the Afghanistan government. ┬áSounds a bit crazy don’t you […]