A good article that summarizes and reports on the events in Egypt since the new power-grab by Islamist Morsi. Interesting that buried in the article is a statement that many equate the MB as an arm of our president’s administration. It seems to me that Morsi actions were taken because he believed he gained political, […]

Krauthammer’s newest column addresses the matter why exactly was there a war in Gaza? All points lost on our current administration. The alarming reality of the change in the attitudes of our Muslim countries because of Islamist infestation of the governments. All of this points to a bleak future for Israel. There will be absence […]

Mursi and MB continue moving to consolidate power and insulate themselves as the leadership in Egypt. O’s victor has given himself more powers and squelched secularists in the country. From Reuters: “As well as ordering retrials for Mubarak-era officials responsible for violence during the uprising against his rule, the decree shielded from legal challenge an […]

Hamas started firing missiles into Israel. After about three days of this Israel was able to target and kill the Hamas so called military leader. Hundreds of missiles are fired on Israel each day for the past week. Israel has slowly begun calculated strikes at areas where they have determined missiles are being fired from. […]

Gender gap?

“President Obama won women by 12 percentage points, while Mitt Romney won men by 8. That’s a 20-point gender gap, edging out the 1984 election when Ronald Reagan defeated Democrat Walter Mondale in a landslide. ” Quote is from 11/9/12 article on data from Gallup. If that is correct analysis of all the actual vote […]


For the 48% of us, this is really bad news. For the 50% of them, this is bad news – but they deserve it. They deserve having a partisan, arrogant individual as their president who is incapable of providing leadership. I guess I will see if my fears about the whole Iran nuclear issue will […]

The day before

It is the night before the official election day hysteria and I have decided to put it in writing what I think is going to happen. I wasn’t going to do this because I figured my “sensing” and considerations were off the mark. But just a few minutes ago I read Noonan’s latest column and […]

Memory goes as you get older

In an interview published this morning by the NYT Senator Joe Lieberman shares this little story: Is there anything that I did not ask you that you’d want to touch on?  There are many things you did ask me that I shouldn’t have touched on. Here is a parting gift. There’s an older guy on the park […]

Iran supports O according to this article from Debka; isn’t that a good reason not to vote for him? Of course this is also contradicting the WH official denial just a couple weeks ago that such talks were scheduled.  

Election Day and Its Impact

This presidential election makes me nervous. We need so desperately for the incumbent to lose this election. The “we” is our nation’s present and future.  This isn’t about mere partisan politics this is about ending a totally destructive direction and approach that the incumbent has forced our nation into. Mr. Krauthammer’s newest column which is […]