mild electrical brain stimulation

An article I read about two months ago in The Week that deals with mild electrical brain stimulation. Personally – I’m game, I have for a long time figured reasonable precise electrical bursts/stimulation of the brain could be key in rewiring, memory erasure and therapy. This article has provided me some more understanding and possibly […]

The ending no one wants

This was the closing article in last week’s The Week magazine. Talking about dementia and more specifically the issue of long term care for a longer living generation that is racked with life changing diseases/illness/whatever you want to call it. Thinking about this and the unwanted and often not needed encroachment of the federal government […]


I don’t know why but earlier this morning I was thinking about brands. Brands or products I specifically just couldn’t (or wouldn’t want to) do without. Not to get all crazy I am limiting myself to no more than ten that I will share. Hopefully this pokes you in a good way and you decide […]

Missing the point

2 cents: A good article but Friedman is either missing the point deliberately or out of ignorance. The point being in the last paragraph which I have highlighted in red; note the context of the paragraph – it is a mandate, if you will, written by and for Arabs on principles that they believe they […]


Interesting comment (see highlighted): from Debka The Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power in Egypt will have pushed aside Iran and energy as top issues when Monday, June 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin on a short visit to Israel meets Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. On this at least they have common ground:  The Muslim Brotherhood governments […]

Putin speaks with Netanyahu

The high point of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s noteworthy 90-minute talk with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem Monday, June 25, was Putin’s firm assertion that Iran will not get a nuclear bomb. This is disclosed exclusively by debkafile’s Jerusalem and Moscow sources. He also dismissed reports that the third round in Moscow of six-power […]

Muslim Brotherhood has achieved the goal

2 cents: Egyptians thought they had it bad under Mubarak, wait till they experience the future. CES got what he wanted. from Debka: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has achieved the goal set at its foundation 84 years ago. Its candidate Mohammed Morsi was declared Sunday afternoon, June 24, victor of last week’s presidential election runoff with […]

From the current issue of The Week

2 cents: note comments in blue – this is what I am referring to in prior posts. Muslim Brotherhood is not actually about democracy. BTW – The Week magazine IMO is the best weekly magazine on the market. It is fair, balanced and contains great stories and news. A military power grab in Egypt Tens […]

Here we go

Egypt: It has already started…(see prior post for context) Debka: The US backs Brotherhood NYT: Egypt’s Democracy Interrupted

Two cents

2 cents on a couple news stories: Egypt – NYT Headline: Egypt Military Softens Tone as Vote Count Favors Islamist – what is going to happen is this individual and his cronies are going to speak eloquently and fervently for democracy in Egypt. He and they (Muslim Brotherhood) will beat their chests and flail their […]