term limits and the future of our society

I know you’re all familiar with that name. Hoover lives in infamy in U.S. history for having been on duty when the Great Depression happened. You’re all courting a similar fate. Your collective behavior is setting all of you up to be known as our generation’s Herbert Hoovers — the leaders who were on duty […]

Submitted to the Cincinnati Enquirer editorial

Until corporations believe we have effective leadership in government, we will not see job growth. Until we have a Congress and President that provide real obtainable long term plans to right our country’s ailments, we will continue to see poverty increase, high unemployment and households & corporations unwilling to be optimistic about the future. When […]

Economy and Depitalism

In today’s WSJ there is an article titled As Middle Class Shrinks, P&G Aims High and Low. WSJ is now a subscriber access only to full articles so I can’t provide a link to the article because I read it on our internal news site. I can share what I found to be particularly insightful […]


Bernanke says American consumers are too bleak. That consumers “are depressed beyond reason or expectation.” Even considering everything that the American family is having to wade through the citizen is “behaving as if the economy is even worse than it actually is.” The US economy is a model based on debt and unwise spending decisions which […]