We should be supporting Israel completely

Their is plenty of stories and headlines out there about the issues surrounding Israel and Gaza right now. I have been watching and reading and I am not surprised that the president of our country and his administration – specifically Kerry – find that the most constructive thing to do is put pressure on Netanyahu […]

Iran, Syria, Iraq, NSA news

Wise words from Governor Rick Perry on current events in Syria and Iraq. An article I have been holding since 5/25 yet again clearly states Iran’s perspective of the USA. Really, as a president, why would you trust them? Krauthammer’s 6/19 post on developments in Iraq.   In this Guardian post today, 80% of all audio calls […]

“There you go again”

Or put another way…. In the accent of Ricky Ricardo, “Obama you have some splaining to do.” The much publicized 7.1m subscribers to O-Care is a deceptive figure. 1. Only 1/3 of those subscribers were previously uninsured individuals. Source1 Source2 “If it turns out that the overwhelming majority of the so-called 7.1 were people who […]

rambling commentary

This week the WH of the USA has been scrambling trying to position itself in any way it can that will not appear that it wants to be a leader in the world. Krauthammer points out in his column this week that this continued strategy of the WH has made nations and governments that were […]