Run! Run faster! Push you idiot! He spoke to himself. Actually he yelled at himself. He fought the urge to look. He knew he needed to keep running The darkness was his ally and an obstacle. Using cars and trees as objects to hide behind, He zigged and zagged now turning down streets remaining northward […]

Reciprocity (or the Confessions of an Artist)

He beat the source of so much hurt, humiliation and pain. He beat it until he could no longer swing his arms. The thing slumped on the ground, not moving and it did not make a sound. The man smirked while thinking to himself “who is the victim now?” The thought created the immediate need […]

A Salute to the Wicked

To the arrogant and proud who walk with their noses pointed upward and cast a lowered eye at those around them. They are fools who have spoken as such in their own hearts and speak in languages of entitlements and expectations. Those same individuals which overpower those who do right by their own weight and haughtiness. […]