Quick question

Why is Mueller working “so hard” and behaving unprofessionally and unbecoming? Please don’t be so quick to answer the question, give me a few seconds of your time. Is his actions and behavior simply SOP that we can trace throughout his political-law enforcement career? Or could it be that he has been threatened with publicizing […]

House Resolution 907

House Resolution 907 Dated May 22, 2018 Its heading shows: Expressing the sense of Congress that the Attorney General of the United States should appoint a Special Counsel to investigate misconduct at the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation, including an investigation of abuse of the FISA warrant process, how and why the Hillary Clinton probe ended, […]

Largest Unprosecuted Charity Fraud in World History

Why is our federal and state governments, justice departments and the Federal Trade Commission AFRAID to investigate and recommend for prosecution those guilty of the OFTEN REPEATED FRAUD & other criminal acts of the The Clinton Foundation? Mr. Ortel has superbly completed the heavy lifting in researching and documenting the OFTEN REPEATED fraud committed by the […]

Well done

President Trump’s letter to Kim Jong Un Very well done. Great example of diplomacy, negotiation and the “art of the deal”

Can it be that THE rat is finally cornered?

THE RAT: Mueller… “He’s having a very bad week. First, he had to admit to Paul Manafort’s attorney that he had absolutely no evidence he colluded with the Russians, then a federal judge accused him of running a sham investigation for the sole purpose of impeaching the president. And now he needs to delay action […]