a BIG question

U.S. Agencies See No Move by Iran to Build a Bomb is in this morning’s New York Times and provides the other side of the whole matter. The column brought one very BIG and IMPORTANT question to my mind so I wrote one of the author’s hoping to get there thoughts: Interesting article. One big […]

repeating bad decisions of history

Debka article on crisis in US-Israeli relations over nuclear talks with Iran The gist is that not only Israeli government but also a bipartisan group of US senators feel that a back channel exchanges held in privacy between O administration and Iran government leaders will result in: communication while Iran continues its nuclear program instead […]

there is SOME time

From Debka: By suddenly stating, contrary to all informed estimates, that Iran’s nuclear arms program has not yet reached the point of no return, Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak implied that Israel was in no hurry to strike its nuclear facilities, a message for which Washington has been angling for months. In a Kol Israel […]

What a tragic loss

What an absolute waste. What a loss of talent. The links are abundant on Drudge Report tying to updates surrounding the death of Whitney Houston. I can’t help but think of Michael Jackson’s death and others who were so talented and frittered it way over the use of drugs. It was a horrible day the […]