Propping up Iran’s government

It’s no surprise that Mr. Krauthammer sums up the recent agreement with Iran nicely: (emphasis added)

“The only reason Iran has come to the table after a decade of contemptuous stonewalling is that economic sanctions have cut so deeply — its currency has collapsedinflation is rampant — that the regime fears a threat to its very survival.

Nothing else could move it to negotiate. Regime survival is the only thing the mullahs value above nuclear weapons. And yet precisely at the point of maximum leverage, President Obama is offering relief in a deal that is absurdly asymmetric: The West would weaken sanctions in exchange for cosmetic changes that do absolutely nothing to weaken Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.

Don’t worry, we are assured. This is only an interim six-month agreement to “build confidence” until we reach a final one. But this makes no sense. If at this point of maximum economic pressure we can’t get Iran to accept a final deal that shuts down its nuclear program, how in God’s name do we expect to get such a deal when we have radically reduced that pressure?

A bizarre negotiating tactic. And the content of the deal is even worse. It’s a rescue package for the mullahs.

It widens permissible trade in oil, gold and auto parts. It releases frozen Iranian assets, increasing Iran’s foreign-exchange reserves by 25 percent while doubling its fully accessible foreign-exchange reserves. Such a massive infusion of cash would be a godsend for its staggering economy, lowering inflation, reducing shortages and halting the country’s growing demoralization. The prospective deal is already changing economic expectations. Foreign oil and other interests are reportedly preparing to reopen negotiations for a resumption of trade in anticipation of the full lifting of sanctions.”

Full article here

So what really changed?

I’ve spent too much time this morning digesting the “news” aka “spin” of the “deal with Iran”.

I’ve seen the “historic achievement” called such by the Hussein Obama administration. I’ve read that “the West” has agreed that Iran has the right to pursue nuclear enrichment. I’ve read where Kerry says “no that is not the case, the issue was punted”. Israel in essence stating we told you he was brewing a bad deal and that the world has just become an even more dangerous place.

Earlier this week it was reported that the Ayatollah had issued his “red line”.

So what exactly is the deal?

The Geneva deal releases just over $4bn in Iranian oil sales revenue from frozen accounts, and suspends restrictions on the country’s trade in gold, petrochemicals, car and plane parts.

In return, Iran undertakes to restrict its nuclear activities. Over the next six months it has agreed to:

• stop enriching uranium above 5%, reactor-grade, and dilute its stock of 20%-enriched uranium or convert it to oxide, which makes it harder to enrich further. The medium-enriched uranium, in its hexafluoride gas form, is relatively easy to turn into weapons-grade material, so it is a major proliferation concern.

• not to increase its stockpile of low-enrichment uranium.

• freeze its enrichment capacity by not installing any more centrifuges, leaving more than half of its existing 16,000 centrifuges inoperable.

• not to fuel or to commission the heavy-water reactor it is building in Arak or build a reprocessing plant that could produce plutonium from the spent fuel.

• accept more intrusive nuclear inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency, including daily visits to some facilities.

What does this mean?

1. MUCH needed funds are going to flow back into Iran.

2. Iran is allowed to continue nuclear enrichment.

3. The centrifuges that have not been assembled and turned on are to remain off-line.

4. The heavy-water reactor which is being built needs to stop. If I understand matters has absolutely no civil application – put another way – it is a military application.

The agreement is a six month document.

For a nation apparently desperate for funds, a six month pause is a wise course of action.

So what has actually changed?

They are receiving sanctions relief for allowing the pause button to be pushed.

A new coalition in response to USA removing military option from table

With the November 12th comments of Hussein Obama’s press secretary ““The American people do not want a march to war,” he told reporters. Therefore: “…spoiling diplomatic talks with Iran would be a march to war” – Iran, Israel and the world was given the subtle queue that the president of the USA had removed the military option from the table. Of course anyone who has actually been paying attention to the events of his administration and specifically – him – knew with reasonable certainty that they were not really an option in the first place. For those who were not paying attention the specific events and lack of backbone by the president in Benghazi and Syria SHOULD have made it abundantly clear.

With this backdrop reasonable leaders and their nations are scrambling to form a coalition to block if not thwart the USA’s apparent strategy. France is being given the option of aligning with the Middle East powers – Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt in effort to prevent Iran from realizing its nuclear weapon goal. At the same time Peres in Israel is trying to smooth relations between his nation and the USA. Netanyahu has tried to show the USA that its strategy is greatly flawed. Netanyahu undoubtedly knows that it will fall on the deaf ears of Hussein but he needs to go through the work so as to “cover his rear” with his nation and Knesset. As well I am sure he hopes to get this information in the ears and eyes of those officials elsewhere to boost resolve and maybe even add more nations to the coalition.

“Coincidentally” (I don’t believe in coincidences) Wednesday (one day following Carney’s remarks) news made it to my attention that Russia has agreed to help Iran build a second nuclear plant.

Hussein Obama’s apparent decision to prefer to align with Iran (told you it was coming) does provide Israel specifically Netanyahu with more freedom. Actually he had the freedom in the first place but making a poor decision to listen & believe Hussein Obama led to him staying in tow with Hussein Obama. Remember the next step in the diplomatic process will be the pressure and spotlight to be shifted away from Iran and onto Israel in reference to its nuclear program. It will happen and when it does the USA is declared clearly no longer an allied to Israel.

Roger Waters and his dad

I can’t imagine growing up without my father or mother. I especially can’t imagine not being able to really remember one’s parent. Undoubtedly this daily experience which includes the unanswered questions weighs on one’s psyche. As the years roll by it is a tool in shaping one’s self which includes one’s perceptions, aspirations and personality.

I also think when one thinks of “celebrities” per se we don’t consider them as “Everyday Joe’s” – which they really are. It is just that they also have different talents, circumstances and/or fortunateness in their mix. With some celebrities it is a little easier to see the colors that make up the individual, especially those of the skill and trade of artists, authors and musicians.

A deeper than surface level fan of Pink Floyd and especially of Roger Waters (undoubtedly Mr. Pink himself) knows that Waters has had the unfortunate experiences of having his dad taken from him when he was a mere five months old. I don’t know what kind of relationship he had with his mother or his father’s parents but I am sure he had questions about his dad.

I learned yesterday that Roger was recently contacted with information about what happened to his dad many years ago during WW2. The story is here. I look forward to new music from him as he processes the details and comes to grips with the history of the experiences.

Odds and Ends

  • I find it interesting and telling just how the black/African-American population and MSM don’t lift up Cosby as a role model and guru for their people. Instead of the Jay-Z, Sharpton, and hundreds of hip-hop/music celebrities, why not Bill Cosby? Undoubtedly it has to do with his message that is often contrary to the poor advice, position and opinions of the black-celebrity majority. It seems to me he will get a headline reference once a year on a conservative website. I do not know if I would agree with all of his views but the ones that have made it to my awareness.
  • Hopefully the courts will side with the Fox reporter and put an end to the abuse of power by the law enforcement and government. It’s clear her source was accurate and she reported responsibly which is what a reporter is supposed to do. Seems to me that her source should be viewed as a whistle-blower and they need to be protected.
  • Apparently a lot of the reduction in personal debt in the average USA citizen’s household has been erased and the old practices depitalism are back with a vengeance.

France stands in the gap

Apparently France is the only nation which is trying to ensure that Iran actually had to make substantial actions to get any sanctions relief which is telling to the discerning reader. The implication is that the USA and posse were willing to offer sanctions relief without much actual actions from Iran just words. So in our wacky world it was France that stood up for the best interests of the world, Middle East and Israel. “French opposition was focused on a draft text agreement that laid out a short-term deal to slow down or stop elements of the Iranian nuclear programme in return for limited sanctions relief. The French complained that the text, which they said was mostly drafted by Iran and the US, had been presented as a fait accompli and they did not want to be stampeded into agreement.”

Again proving to Netanyahu, Peres and the people of Israel that despite all the words Hussein Obama does not have Israel’s or the Middle East best interests at heart.

If France holds out and an agreement is not reached that makes Hussein Obama and John Kerry look like great leaders and peace-makers of the world ad nauseam, that we will see growing pressure on Israel via two paths.  First in the Palestinian so called peace process and secondly for Israel to sign the UN nuclear proliferation’s agreement and rid itself of all nuclear weapons.

I think it is this second part which is key to Hussein Obama’s strategy to leverage/force Israel into accepting a nuclear Iran.