When will it stop?

What is required to shut Mueller and his posse down?
We know anything short of Trump dead or in prison that the radicalized liberals will get even crazier. So disregard them, what is required to stop the Mueller attempt of the globalist coup of the Oval Office?

2 cents on the madness

  1. The radicalized left which of course includes the MSM is saying that the young man wearing the red MAGA hat is at fault because he wore the red hat. That the red hat is akin to the white hoods of the KKK. That the red hat triggers a lot of people and because of that he should not be wearing it.   He wore it, his bad, his fault. Think a moment what that means. A liberal can wear Bernie, BHO or whatever – it is their right. And it is also their right to get in your face if u choose to wear your red MAGA hat. So in either instance, the liberal/left/radicalized individual is right. AS a conservative, u must deal with what they wear AND not wear what u want if the radicalized left doesn’t approve of it. Also – think about it – what else does it say? They say Sandman is at fault because he wore the red hat. Because of what he wore. Sound familiar? A lady wears a sexy outfit and gets raped; now using their flawed reasoning – it is her fault. She should know better. Her sexy outfit was going to trigger a rape response in some man. This all showing yet again, the radicalized left is unable to perform accurate, sound critical thinking.  This all showing the hypocrisy in their words and behavior.
  2. I think I have figured something out. We have video recordings of chuckie, nancy, etc. waxing eloquent over last 10-12 years that “yep we need a wall and better security on the borders”. Chief empty suit spoke the same rhetoric. They all pumped up their chests and beating them like Tarzan as a way to look tough. Mind u the issue wasn’t handled. But now, the opposite is occurring; is it JUST their hate of President Trump? I no longer think so. I think they lied all those years but knew they could “flex their muscles” (LIE) since they were in control. They never honestly intended to solve the problem because of among other reasons, the illegal votes they need to keep in power. They lied/spinned their rhetoric for fake news to broadcast around the world. President Trump in office and wants to deal with it fully has exposed to the world that chuckie, nancy, etc. were LIARS.

A lesson on despicable

Another real and sad example of the despicable behavior of the radicalized liberal democrats.

“Despicable is deserving to be despised; so worthless &/or obnoxious as to rouse moral indignation.” [Merriam-Webster dictionary]

What can we do to prove that we believe and understand them to be so very despicable?