From the current issue of The Week

2 cents: note comments in blue – this is what I am referring to in prior posts. Muslim Brotherhood is not actually about democracy. BTW – The Week magazine IMO is the best weekly magazine on the market. It is fair, balanced and contains great stories and news. A military power grab in Egypt Tens […]

Here we go

Egypt: It has already started…(see prior post for context) Debka: The US backs Brotherhood NYT: Egypt’s Democracy Interrupted

Two cents

2 cents on a couple news stories: Egypt – NYT Headline: Egypt Military Softens Tone as Vote Count Favors Islamist – what is going to happen is this individual and his cronies are going to speak eloquently and fervently for democracy in Egypt. He and they (Muslim Brotherhood) will beat their chests and flail their […]

2 cents

2 cents on various recent headlines/stories: 1. CES & the illegal residents move: was completely about getting Hispanic votes in the next Nov. election and was done in an unconstitutional way (just like CESCare). Don’t be surprised if this ends up at the Supreme Court as well. Of course the other motive is to hopefully […]

Depitalism — echoed

Below is something I found on The person who uploaded did not record the source. Ladies and gentlemen the image below and comments are EXACTLY what I said was happening in the USA and I will say it again – it is a GOOD THING. Depitalism is bad for the households. What is going […]

Do Right!

Article from Thursday’s NYT The Moral Diet By DAVID BROOKS In the 1970s, the gift shop at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts was an informal affair. It was staffed by about 300 mostly elderly volunteers, and there were cash drawers instead of registers. The problem was that of the shop’s $400,000 in annual […]

CDC speaks on zombie concern

CDC: Despite wave of cannibalism, no zombie threat Horrifying, unusual attacks spark fears June 04, 2012 In an extraordinary public statement, CDC suggested that a recent string of brutal incidents were not caused by a virus that would “present zombie-like symptoms.” Last week, a man in Florida was shot by police after eating most of […]