Crossing another red line

From Debka this morning: “Tehran managed to install the last four clusters of 174 centrifuges each inside in “Fordo’s B Chamber” shortly before European Union foreign ministers approved toughened sanctions in Brussels Monday, 15 Oct….This is in line with Tehran’s consistent response to every form of pressure, financial, economic, intelligence or military, which is to […]

Quit poisoning yourself and those you love

A friend made me aware of this. I had heard some of the issue but was not really “informed”. This morning I invested in myself and wife by watching the video (see link directly below). It is an eye opener! Many of the symptoms they discuss  – I experience. A sad fact is I usually […]

The Big Bird counterattack

Mr. Krauthammer’s article this week. Located here By Charles Krauthammer, Published: October 11 No mystery about the trajectory of this race. It was static for months as President Obama held a marginal lead. Then came the conventions. The Republicans squandered Tampa; the Democrats got a 3- to 4-point bounce out of Charlotte. And kept it. Until the first […]