Very unsettling documents have been released that reflect what many people already stated – Benghazi deaths and injuries were not only targeted, planned events but that Stevens had been warning the State Dept. that things were spiraling out of control and they were being threatened. Hillary has stated the buck stops with her which is true to a point. Ultimately the buck stops with the president but considering we have a vacuum of leadership in that role we will have to settle with the buck stopping with her. Investigations are needed obviously but in the meantime some response is needed. Not a response of ringing one’s hands, wagging a finger or putting one’s hand in someone’s face to stop the dialogue. Response and repercussions are overdue.

O has had over a month to figure out how best to position himself in this real tragic situation. He is an arm-chair quarterback unable to perform in fluid situations. He is a poser (see second debate for examples).

Still though lives were lost. Human beings who meant much to many people are no longer interacting with family, friends and peers. Hugs are no longer experienced. Conversations and play are unable be enjoyed. LIVES WERE LOST. And all the executive branch of our government can muster is photo-ops and political rhetoric. LIVES WERE LOST. One’s pension, if actually paid, means little to those individuals — most certainly they would rather have the living person. But LIVES WERE LOST because of failed policies. Because of believing one’s political spin instead of facts. LIVES WERE LOST and yet time and lives go on.  Repercussions for the vacuum of leadership?

Read the article hyperlinked above.

Crossing another red line

From Debka this morning:
“Tehran managed to install the last four clusters of 174 centrifuges each inside in “Fordo’s B Chamber” shortly before European Union foreign ministers approved toughened sanctions in Brussels Monday, 15 Oct….This is in line with Tehran’s consistent response to every form of pressure, financial, economic, intelligence or military, which is to whip up its nuclear program for an extra spurt and leave no assault unanswered….DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources report that the Iranians are preparing to change the “active formation” of the Fordo centrifuges and adapt them for refining uranium up to the 60 percent level, a short step before the weapons grade of 90 percent. The conversion is expected to be ready to go in the second half of December or early January, 2013…US and Israeli intelligence experts on Iran recently arrived at a consensual assessment that Fordo was the only site capable of producing uranium enriched to the high 90 percent level.
Iran has therefore leapt across another red line in its steady advance toward a nuclear capability and is about to across its next….

But both the British and Israeli prime ministers haven’t forgotten that only a few weeks ago, Israel had marked with a red line a fully operational Fordo which had to be stopped before it was buried out of reach in “an immune zone.”

That line was crossed this week and still Israel has refrained from action.

What this means for Tehran is that, so long as Israel heeds the “advice” coming from Washington and London, and President Obama holds back from the “October surprise” proposed by one of his insiders, Tehran need not be afraid to go forward and start refining uranium up to 60 percent and, from there, all the way up to the manufacture of a nuclear bomb without hindrance.”

whole article here

2 cents:
I wonder how long it will be before any of the MSM in the USA reports this.  If I was Romney I would bring this point up today at an appearance and do so for at least 24 hours. Tie this feat around the neck of O and his lack of leadership and poor decision making.  Before making the comments I would suggest confirming this report with Netanyahu privately.

It is an atrocity that Iran has been allowed to progress this far.

Quit poisoning yourself and those you love

A friend made me aware of this. I had heard some of the issue but was not really “informed”.
This morning I invested in myself and wife by watching the video (see link directly below).
It is an eye opener! Many of the symptoms they discuss  – I experience. A sad fact is I usually feel my worst right after eating; and no I am not an over eater. I maintain a low fat diet and use only lean meat.
However – I love pizza, corn (chips, etc.) and I suspect I now know why I have the problems I do.

Invest in your life. If you have family, significant others and friends – consider it an investment in their life as well.

I’ve made it easy.

Link to video directly below should open in a separate window.
The shopper’s guide is linked below as well.
Smart phone apps instructions referenced below too.


GMO Food: Genetic Roulette


Link to No GMO Shopper’s Guide

Android: Play Store: APPS > search > True Food Network: it is a non-GMO shopping guide for your phone.
Apple has an app as well.


And YES – the FDA has let you & I down.

Yes they are in bed with Monsanto.

Yes criminal and civil charges should be filed against both parties.




Obama camp tips hand on debate, hints President will attack Romney on Bain.

Obama camp tips hand on debate, hints President will attack Romney on Bain.

Really? You want to go there?

May I suggest….

Mr. Romney in response to the president, “In preparation for the debate I was trying to research your private sector experience president and realized you had NONE which could explain why our economy is where it is today.”


(Bowing) Your welcome :O)


The Big Bird counterattack

Mr. Krauthammer’s article this week.

Located here
By , Published: October 11

No mystery about the trajectory of this race. It was static for months as President Obama held a marginal lead. Then came the conventions. The Republicans squandered Tampa; the Democrats got a 3- to 4-point bounce out of Charlotte.

And kept it. Until the first debate. In 90 minutes, Mitt Romney wiped out the bump — and maybe more.

Democrats are shellshocked and left searching for excuses. Start with scapegoats: the hapless John Kerry, Obama’s sparring partner in the practice debates, for going too soft on the boss; then the debate moderator for not exerting enough control.

The Obama campaign’s plea that the commander in chief could find no shelter under Jim Lehrer’s desk did not exactly bolster Obama’s standing. Moreover, the moderator’s job is not to control the flow of argument, but to simply enforce an even time split.

Lehrer did. In fact, Obama took more time than Romney — 41 / 2 minutes more — while actually speaking 500 fewer words. Romney knew what he thought and said it. Obama kept looking around hoping for the words to come to him. They didn’t.

After the scapegoats came the excuses.

Obama had a bad night. He was off his game.

Nonsense. This is Obama’s game. Great at delivering telepromptered addresses to adoring Germans and swooning students. But he’s not very good on his feet.

His problem is that he doesn’t think so. He not only believes his own press, he believes his own mythology. He actually said (in 2007): “I think that I’m a better speechwriter than my speechwriters. I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors. And . . . I’m a better political director than my political director.”

Obama is a man of considerable intelligence. But he’s not half as transcendently smart as he thinks he is.

He needs a servant in his chariot reminding him that he’s not an immortal. Of course, after the debate the entire Democratic Party told him he’s a dud. Wrong again. He’s neither lord nor commoner. He’s just an above-average politician who needs a very good night in one of the next two debates.

He was weighed down by the burdens of office.

Ah yes, the burdens of office. Like going on “The View” while meeting with not a single foreign leader at the United Nations. Like flying to a Vegas campaign rally the day after a U.S. consulate is sacked and the ambassador murdered. Like rushing off to New York for a night with Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Rocky Mountain altitude is a better excuse than that. (Thank you, Al Gore.)


Stephanie Cutter and David Axelrod both said (amazing coincidence) that Romney won on “style points.”

So, the most charismatic politician since Pierre Elliot Trudeau was beaten by an android — on style? I concede that Obama’s reaction shots were awful. But he lost on radio too. And in print. Read the transcript. This wasn’t about appearances. Romney didn’t win on style. He won on an avalanche of substance, on a complete takedown of six months of Obama portraying Romney as enemy of the middle class, friend and footman of the rich.

That was the heart of the Obama campaign. After all, with crushing debt, chronically high unemployment and the worst economic recovery since World War II, Obama can’t run on stewardship. Nor on the future. He has no serious agenda. Nothing on entitlements, nothing on tax reform, nothing on debt, nothing on the fiscal cliff.

So when Romney completely deflated that six-month “kill Romney” strategy — by looking reasonable, responsible, authoritative in demonstrating how his policies would help the middle class by stimulating economic growth — what did Obama have left?

Big Bird. The stupidest ad in memory. Has any president ever run an ad so small and trivial? After an unprecedented shellacking in a debate about very large issues, this is his response?

The Middle East is ablaze, the country drowning in debt, the fiscal cliff looming — and Obama’s great pitch is that only he can save the $130 million enterprise that is the Sesame Workshop?

An inspiring second-term agenda: subsidies for Big Bird and free contraceptives for Sandra Fluke.

Obama has two debates to come up with something better. If he can’t, he will double down on his “Romney the menace” line. It might still work. But a word of advice: Your administration having prevaricated unceasingly.

Spreading Iranian cyber attacks hit Israeli military, US financial and Gulf oil targets

Interesting article at Debka this morning. Something not getting much if any MSM attention here in the USA is how Iran is pushing back at O in reference to the nuclear question and resulting sanctions.

It seems that the pushing back is getting nothing but words from O’s administration. You know something like the parent in a store who keeps telling their kid to quit misbehaving or they’ll get spanked or whatever it is parents aren’t doing but just threatening.

Hopefully something horrible doesn’t have to happen before O’s administration acts — see Benghazi. Come to think of it, besides investigating, what actually has been done to bring those guilty to justice?