The Primary Sub-Source for Steele Dossier Identified – Igor Danchenko – a Soros Connected Associate of Lying Schiff Star Witness Fiona Hill

From Gateway Pundit, full article here.

In November 2019, the star witness for the Democrat Representative Adam Schiff’s impeachment show trial was announced.  Her name was Fiona Hill. 

Today we’ve uncovered that Hill is a close associate of the Primary Sub-Source (PSS) for the Steele dossier – Igor Danchenko – the individual behind most all the lies in the Steele dossier.  No wonder Hill saw the Steele dossier before it was released.  Her associate created it.

The connection to Fiona Hill is huge.  This shows that Adam Schiff’s disgusting unconstitutional impeachment proceeding based on no crimes on the part of President Trump had as star witness, Fiona Hill, who is a close associate of the individual behind the grotesque and unverified Steele dossier, which was the heart of the Trump Russia dossier.

As we previously mentioned Roger Stone outed Fiona Hill in 2017 as a Deep State spy in the White House under then NSA Advisor General H. R. McMaster.  The George Soros connected traitor was outed by Israeli spies as was reported by Stone at InfoWars.

Infowars first reported that Hill worked as a mole for Soros when Trump confidante Roger Stone broke the bombshell in May 2017, revealing that Hill was serving as Soros’ mole under the supervision of former NSA adviser H.R. McMaster.

The video below shows Trump confidante Roger Stone in July 2017 warning that he was told he would be “targeted for annihilation” by the FBI for exposing the mole.

Stone was raided by the FBI and arrested in January 2019.

The Brookings Institute should be shut down.  Hill, Ciaramella, Danchenko, Soros, Schiff and others should be arrested and charged with attempting a coup of the Trump Administration.  This should be done today.

Stepping closer

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
[Revelation 13:16-17]

I’m not saying that this stuff is showing “here comes the anti-christ”.
What I am saying is that we are degenerating as a society.  We are stepping closer to the reality of an economic system where purchases/trade is not completed with literal physical, in your hand, currency.  Yes a credit card can be in your hand but u are missing the point while trying to be cute.
It was laughed at years ago that what these verses show would be happening. Then all the craze stuff done by misapplying the verses. While all that has transpired and our (USA) economy and capitalism has been twisted things have inched closer and closer.  Reality now is many people don’t even have cash currency because they live on credit (depitalism).
Now we have a power move by TPTB via more shenanigans.
We step closer..

Armstrong Economics:

Hoarding Cash

The reason there is a shortage of cash developing around the world is rather straight-forward. The trust in the government is collapsing. Italy has just lowered the legal amount someone can pay for anything in cash from €3000 to €2000. Australia made it a criminal act to pay for anything with A$10,000 or more (US$7,000).  In Switzerland, the limit on cash you can withdraw from an ATM is CHF5,000. In Germany, the limitation is typically €1000. Greeks abroad will be able to withdraw up to 5,000 euros ($5,800) a month.

In the United States, the US Treasury says the pandemic has significantly disrupted the supply chain and circulation patterns of US coins. Additionally, the US Mint has been printing fewer coins to protect its employees from COVID-19. The World Health Organization (WHO) has not advised banning paper money, but it has stressed the need for handwashing after touching cash, which is a subtle caution that money should be limited. Some central banks are deploying measures to sterilize paper money with heat or UV light. Even the Fed began a seven to 10-day quarantine for United States dollars returning to the country from Europe and Asia.

It is very clear that governments are trying to paint money as dirty, and the solution is to eliminate physical money, despite the fact that it has been in use since about the 7th century BC. All of a sudden, it is a danger after 28 centuries. This plays nicely into the Socialist’s dream to control everything!

Yep, nothing to see here…

Most recent reason why President Trump has started the removal of the USA from the WHO.

What transpired is either an attack in war by CCP, terrorism by CCP, domestic terrorism by ??? or a string of unbelievable accidents, oversights and blunders.

WHO Will Not Investigate Wuhan Lab Where Coronavirus Was Kept

Plain talk on Soros $$$ to destroy the USA – this is not hyperbole


And his plan is working.

Soros is packing the District Attorney offices with those who agree with his goals which are almost identical to BLM which can be summed up as the full destruction of western civilization.
Remember (or learn finally) the BLM is not black lives matters. That is a ruse. A pithy slogan to be fast fed to the masses via MSM.
Takes about 30 minutes to get a good first dive into the diabolical strategy that Soros has been running in the USA for many years.