Coincidence? Such a thing?

Two real experiences that have happened to my wife & I in the last 24 hours. Wife: She’s at work, talking on her cell phone with her sister. Her sister mentions that maybe they should view/handle the family property in CA as a time share opportunity. A way to pay the mortgage, taxes and upkeep. […]


Why is it wrong to speak the truth? Why is it right to change the definition of the word “truth”? Why are the VAST minority of people expecting the VAST majority to abandon their life principles for the VAST minority? Why is the public education system (or put another way: the FEDERAL education system) rewarded […]

Stick with me plz

Its important to some to use labels of a derogatory nature to isolate and limit impact of beliefs contrary to their own. It seems that individuals/groups that use this type of ploy are unable to truthfully and successfully defend their own beliefs. Today, 2018, many people have been educated and repeatedly exposed to “thinking” or […]