The other shoe

Quickie: Apparently another shoe is going to drop in reference to the NSA privacy vacuuming.

For maximum news cycle effectiveness I would think it would come on a Monday or Tuesday however if the government tries to get in front of it they will slowly spin blurbs over the/a weekend.

Right now some leadership in high places are wanting to know just how bad it will be.




NSA is vacuuming in the millions of calls, email, internet communications DAILY all under the guise of identifying terrorists. [Wink, wink] Yet they are excluding MOSQUES! No – really! IBD Article on 6/12.

Now explain to me the sensible, wise reasoning behind such a strategy? Add to this the fact that “Since October 2011, mosques have been off-limits to FBI agents. No more surveillance or undercover sting operations without high-level approval from a special oversight body at the Justice Department dubbed the Sensitive Operations Review Committee.”

Another person involved in the Benghazi COVER-UP is getting a cushy role. CIA deputy director who played a key role in editing the administration’s controversial talking points is “retiring” to spend more time with family BUT he was immediately appointed by the Chief Empty Suit to serve on the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board which is an INDEPENDENT advisory board. [See “no oversight”] Remember Rice received the top UN job which did not require vetting or approval from Congress. See a pattern?

This evening – New York Times is reporting:

“American intelligence analysts now believe that President Bashar al-Assad’s troops have used chemical weapons against rebel forces in the civil war in Syria, an assessment that will put added pressure on a deeply divided Obama administration to develop a response to a provocation that the president himself has declared a “red line.”

The belief is chemical weapons have been used several times on a small scale.

O sticker



IRS targeting Conservatives
Benghazi – WH’s blatant lies to Congress and citizens of the USA
Government privacy and first amendment breach against AP and Fox News.
Now – PRISM – privacy breech of ALL US citizens going on since current administration

2 cents:

This from a Democratic president – the one who was to bring change. Guess what – he has – obliteration of the Bill of Rights and Constitutional protection for all US citizens.

Of course the dems are saying this is Bush’s fault but anyone with an ounce of common sense realizes that this is yet another attempt to side step responsibility and accountability. Again common sense would be that if it is Bush’s fault then you are admitting it is wrong so the solution is easy – shut it down. But instead the same dems including the WH say that this is being blown out of proportion, there is civil liberties protection built in, yadda yada, which then implies there is no fault to be found – which would then mean – following the WH and dems statements – that Bush did something good and right.

What the reality of the situation is – per the bill’s author – is that the current administration has overstepped the bill’s premise and design.

Limbaugh article – the coup in America

Trying to rein in dragnet of WH

Noonan article – IRS did it too well not to know what it was doing

Bush’s fault

Additional 2 cents:

What is needed in the USA is an AMERICAN SPRING. We need the citizens to storm the Capitol, White House and State Capitals across our nation and protest and push for the immediate withdrawal of all corrupt and unconstitutional legislatures & government officials which certainly includes the executive branch of the federal government and replace it with people who embrace the original intent of our founding documents and will guarantee in word and deed the rights and freedoms of the citizens of the USA.


Republicans and Independents ARE to blame

Yes that is what it says. Put another way the Conservatives are to blame for the mess we have in our nation, capital and the vacuum of leadership in the White House.


Because they have not been able to produce at least one individual that is intelligent, collaborative, charismatic, engaging and strategic. They and we have not produced a person that has the potential to be a great leader for our country. Why is that? Are we to believe what the left says which is the bottom-line of quality conservative leadership is an oxymoron and an impossibility?

Is it because the so-called blue bloods are the only place that the powers that be (TPTB) look toward and they are all tainted? So another problem is the ridiculously limited scope of where they are looking for future leaders.

Is it because the money game has eliminated the best candidates since they are not tied to the money?

Is it because the practices of the media and left are so devastating to a person and their family that potential candidates have decided it is not worth it?

In my opinion all of these reasons still are tied to the poor leadership in the Conservative party. The problem is systemic in nature and requires swift surgical treatment so as to remove the tumors and cancer in the body of the Conservative body. So yes, they are to blame and sadly it seems the saying is true “physician heal thyself”.

Until they do people like our current president will be the people’s choice.

“Israeli Air Force jets were reported flying over Damascus in the last few hours by foreign sources. According to debkafile’s Iranian and intelligence sources, Iran has been pushing Bashar Assad hard to let Hizballah have sophisticated weapons, including self-propelled SA-17 interceptor missile systems. Tehran is reminding the Syrian ruler of the debt he owes Hizballah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah who was ready to deploy 5,000 out of Hizballah’s 8,000 combat-ready fighters to Syrian battlefields to fight rebel forces and keep the Assad regime in power.
Assad is therefore in no position to spurn Tehran’s demand.
And so, preparations for sending those weapons systems across to Lebanon have been sighted in the last few days at Syrian military bases. Israeli Air Force are said to be overhead monitoring these movements after Israel repeatedly warned Damascus any attempts to make such transfers would draw a reaction.

Rest of the article here.

2 cents:

Have you watched the movie Sum of All Fears? My point? Because of the actions of a few the escalation of fear and destruction pulled the super powers into a state of military action that would have led to the loss of tens of thousands of lives, if not more. It took the unlikely and grasping of one leader to try something however improbable to break the escalation which was only leading to devastation.

In Syria and the region of the Middle East we are watching the escalation of activities that with each move of the piece of the chessboard – is narrowing the options of others and self into what will be a devastating military series of battles and loss of lives. For example, with Assad’s proclivity in the past to use Hizballah to ensure and protect his power grip in Syria and Lebanon; it now puts him in the situation where to keep his norm he must do things that only escalate the instability in the region. Too in Iran with Ahmadinejed’s anti-Israel rhetoric in the past which has led Iran into its current dilemma involving nuclear aspirations and  the repercussions and fears of the rest of the world based on believing the rhetoric of their president. Iran has a chance to break free and reset matters with its upcoming election. The Ayatollah who is ultimately the leader of the country has a choice to make as well and I believe he is in a quandary much like Assad. He has allowed things to roll and play out that never should have, all to maintain the grip of power in his country.

The reality in both of these actual scenarios is the rest of the world has to live here on Earth too and we can’t hope for a “Jack Ryan” to break through and reason with these leaders. Israel especially can’t afford to wait much longer without acting. Of course their foot into the sandbox will change matters greatly as well. What a horrible mess to come.