Abbas placed more obstacles to peace

In news that I am sure will get little publicity because it ONCE AGAIN shows that the obstacle is the Palestinians we have Abbas changing again the requirements for peace (see the story below). I checked Fox, CNN, AP, Guardian, Drudge Report and BBC this morning and did not see this being covered yet. Tied […]

What EXACTLY is the deal?

Can we get a straight story? Let me put it in a better way – can we be told the truth? Do you remember what “truth” is? “Truth” does not include spin. It does not include half the information. For those of you who are unable to understand or remember what “truth” is, let me […]

France stands in the gap

Apparently France is the only nation which is trying to ensure that Iran actually had to make substantial actions to get any sanctions relief which is telling to the discerning reader. The implication is that the USA and posse were willing to offer sanctions relief without much actual actions from Iran just words. So in […]

Obama’s nuclear fumbling

The president of the USA desperately wanting to look like a foreign policy mastermind continues to play “back-channel” (on the down-low don’t you know) with Iran about the nuclear issue of their country. Today’s Debka headline –¬†US to Iran ahead of Geneva: Carry on enriching uranium, but cut down on advanced IR-2 centrifuges (The headline […]

Revealing week

The analysis in this morning’s Debka article is solid, though I disagree with the call to action in the last two paragraphs in reference to Israel. The USA’s president should have never opened his mouth in reference to red lines in referring to Syria a few months ago. He was shooting off his mouth and […]