Abbas placed more obstacles to peace

In news that I am sure will get little publicity because it ONCE AGAIN shows that the obstacle is the Palestinians we have Abbas changing again the requirements for peace (see the story below). I checked Fox, CNN, AP, Guardian, Drudge Report and BBC this morning and did not see this being covered yet. Tied to this story is the possible release of Pollard a US citizen was an Israeli spy.

I have highlighted what I thought was significant in the news story.

From a Bible perspective, any land in the Israeli area was given to them by God and is their birthright. With that understanding and context any land they give to another nation is 1. a gracious gift 2. contrary to God’s instructions.

Second do you not find it interesting and quite telling that NONE of the ARAB and MUSLIM nations will GIVE a small portion of their LARGE territories as land for a Palestinian nation?

Let me make it clear: The Palestinian definition of peace is a land void of Israeli/Jewish possession and citizens. Then and only then will Palestinians be at peace with Israel.


From Debka:

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas did not announce his walkout from the negotiations with Israel or directly turn down the package of far-reaching Israeli concessions which US Secretary of State John Kerry assembled with Binyamin Netanyahu early Wednesday, April 1. He simply turned his back on the commitment he made ahead of the talks to refrain from unilateral applications to UN bodies while they were in progress. As soon as the US Secretary flew off to Brussels, he sent out applications for  “the independent Palestinian state” to join 12 UN agencies as members.
This was after the Palestinian leader upped his price for meeting Kerry’s request to extend peace diplomacy from April up until the end of the year. He demanded that Israel raise the number of 26 Palestinians due to be released from jail this weekend, to 1,000. They must also include Israeli Arabs.

He was not satisfied with Israel’s offer to free another 400 terrorists and accept a partial settlement freeze; Israel must release the same number as it traded for Gilead Shalit, the Israeli hostage held by Hamas, he said.
Abbas further insisted on top Palestinian terrorist operatives serving sentences for multiple murder be on the list of released prisoners, including the notorious Marwan Barghouti (who is serving six life sentences for six murders), Ahmad Saadat, (who plotted the assassination of the Israeli cabinet minister Rehavam Zeevi) and the return to their homes of terrorists exiled as too dangerous to leave at large in the Palestinian territories.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu tried to calm the anger in his cabinet and the Israeli public over the bottomless Palestinian capacity for extortion. His associates said that he shared John Kerry’s belief that buying another nine months for the negotiations would give the US-led peace track a good shot at running full course.
However, Mahmoud Abbas placed deliberate obstacles in their path by holding the diplomatic process hostage to continual Israeli concessions.

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What EXACTLY is the deal?

Can we get a straight story? Let me put it in a better way – can we be told the truth?

Do you remember what “truth” is? “Truth” does not include spin. It does not include half the information.

For those of you who are unable to understand or remember what “truth” is, let me provide the definition of the word from

1. the true or actual state of a matter
2. conformity with fact or reality, verity
3. a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like
4. the state or character of being true
5. actuality or actual existence

What exactly I am referring to? What EXACTLY is the nuclear agreement with Iran? No, I do not want Kerry’s interpretation of the document. NO, I do not want Iran’s interpretation. What EXACTLY does the document state? NO, I don’t want information from a brief or from websites interpreting of the events. NO, we do not want information from an anonymous inside source. We WANT TO SEE THE EXACT DOCUMENT. WE WANT TO READ THE EXACT WORDS.


We can not trust our governments.

France stands in the gap

Apparently France is the only nation which is trying to ensure that Iran actually had to make substantial actions to get any sanctions relief which is telling to the discerning reader. The implication is that the USA and posse were willing to offer sanctions relief without much actual actions from Iran just words. So in our wacky world it was France that stood up for the best interests of the world, Middle East and Israel. “French opposition was focused on a draft text agreement that laid out a short-term deal to slow down or stop elements of the Iranian nuclear programme in return for limited sanctions relief. The French complained that the text, which they said was mostly drafted by Iran and the US, had been presented as a fait accompli and they did not want to be stampeded into agreement.”

Again proving to Netanyahu, Peres and the people of Israel that despite all the words Hussein Obama does not have Israel’s or the Middle East best interests at heart.

If France holds out and an agreement is not reached that makes Hussein Obama and John Kerry look like great leaders and peace-makers of the world ad nauseam, that we will see growing pressure on Israel via two paths.  First in the Palestinian so called peace process and secondly for Israel to sign the UN nuclear proliferation’s agreement and rid itself of all nuclear weapons.

I think it is this second part which is key to Hussein Obama’s strategy to leverage/force Israel into accepting a nuclear Iran.

Obama’s nuclear fumbling

The president of the USA desperately wanting to look like a foreign policy mastermind continues to play “back-channel” (on the down-low don’t you know) with Iran about the nuclear issue of their country.

Today’s Debka headline – US to Iran ahead of Geneva: Carry on enriching uranium, but cut down on advanced IR-2 centrifuges

(The headline should read: Obama to Iran ahead…)

Meanwhile leading US Senators (bipartisan even!) went to Obama with the instructions that he is not to allow Iran to continue enriching uranium. Do you plainly see what that means/implies?! So-called Congressional leadership knows too darn well what he is going to allow them to continue. “But they promised…” he says. It brings to mind the UK Prime Minister Chamberlain who was so proud he had Hitler’s promise that he (Germany) would not seek territorial gain via invasion any longer and then… KABOOM

Read the words of the journalists in Iran (see below) and then honestly come back with a reasonable rebuttal that the leadership in Iran is going to be honest and genuine ABOUT THEIR INTENTIONS AND PRACTICES .

The Week Magazine, October 4 issue has in their “How they see us” section the following story & headline:
Should Iran make up with the U.S.?

I’m not a hundred percent sure how long the link works since I am a subscriber so I am providing their content below:

It’s time for Iran to talk directly to America, said Davoud Hermidas Bavand in Etemaad (Iran). Surely it’s no accident that Presidents Barack Obama and Hassan Rouhani have publicized their recent exchange of personal letters, a thaw in relations without precedent in the past three decades. Both leaders are preparing for a historic negotiation to resolve the dispute over Iran’s peaceful nuclear programs, which has crippled this country with economic sanctions. Such a negotiation is greatly desired by Iranians, who voted for Rouhani this summer in the hope that he would get the sanctions lifted and turn the economy around. While the sanctions regime has been imposed by a consortium of countries, it’s clear that “America is the behind-the-scenes force in the talks and, therefore, Iran should accept the offer of bilateral talks with America to protect its interests.”

It won’t be that simple, said Mohammad Imani inKayhan. “The problem between us and the U.S. does not stem from emotional issues to be cleared up with a handshake and a hug.” Obama’s hand “is the hand of a criminal.” It’s the same hand that, “directly or indirectly, authorized a cyberattack on Iranian nuclear installations and the killing of prominent Iranian scientists in cold blood.” It’s the hand that signed the orders to oppress the Iranian people with sanctions, causing a currency collapse and shortages of food and medicine that hurt millions of women and children. Like every American leader, Obama can’t be trusted.

Don’t worry—Rouhani isn’t that naïve, said Saleh Eskandari in Resalat. The Western press has seized on Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s statement that Iran should practice “heroic flexibility” and interpreted it to mean that Iran is ready to capitulate to American demands. They should take a closer look at the origin of the phrase. It was the Prophet Mohammed who invented the tactic of heroic flexibility when he concluded the Hudaybiyya Treaty with the tribes of Mecca in 628. The Prophet compromised on the wording of that treaty, omitting references to God, and many of his followers were upset. The pact, though, brought peace for two years, and during that time Mohammed vastly increased his army, “paving the way for the conquest of Mecca” soon after. The end result, of course, was victory. In that spirit, Iran can practice heroic flexibility in negotiations today, while never forgetting that “America, the Zionist regime, and the arrogant supporters of that cancerous cell are the sentinels of oppression and injustice in the world.”

In fact, said Hossein Shariatmadari in Kayhan, the Supreme Leader himself said that heroic flexibility should be understood as the flexibility of a wrestler, who can bend, even tumble, during the course of a match. “But he does not forget who his opponent is,” or that he is engaged in combat. Each wrestling match has a winner. “Flexibility does not mean retreat.”

Revealing week

The analysis in this morning’s Debka article is solid, though I disagree with the call to action in the last two paragraphs in reference to Israel.

The USA’s president should have never opened his mouth in reference to red lines in referring to Syria a few months ago. He was shooting off his mouth and publically displaying his arrogance. Now here we go again. He states he is going to make them pay with a precise “shot over the bow” and then contemplates his navel and jelly backbone for the week, just long enough (if does such action) that Assad has moved his helicopters, planes, troops to safe shelter so as to minimize any actual damage. Again, we have no business being the world’s police. They (Syria) have not attacked us or our allies nor is our allies (Israel) wanting us to attack Syria. We should keep out of it – period.

I agree that the activities in Syria and the bungling bravado of our current administration has bolstered AQ, Iran, Hezbelloah and Assad while also providing more insight to Israel about just how solid our actions will be in reference to the Iranian nuclear issue.

The United States of America has a lot of problems which are not being addressed or are being addressed incorrectly. The current administration elected by the majority of voters in our clueless society is an accurate snapshot of the ills of our society. At the core the issue is a values system that is erroneous and often immoral. You can not reasonably or sanely expect consistent moral and ethical behavior from such a damaged foundation.