Depitalism and the rest of 2012

June 1 NYT article Weak Hiring May Force the Fed to Act The NYT article is peddling information and commentary based on the wrong premise. The reason why the economy is STILL not recovering is not because the FED has not done enough. The reason is one simple one that has several implications. The SOLE […]

reducing taxes or realities of depitalism?

An informative chart that was shared on an article on someone’s explanation about whether reducing taxes will result in better employment statistics. I will state again, what is driving the sluggish economy and high unemployment numbers is: 1. lack of confidence in leadership of government (federal, state, city) 2. demands of payments for overspending in […]

What’s that smell?

The Federal Reserve significantly reduced its forecast of economic growth through 2013, acknowledging that it had once again overestimated the nation’s recovery from the 2008 financial crisis. Full story here 2 cents: Gee, so for the last 3 years you mean we haven’t been in a recovery? Note that the opening sentence states “once again” […]

Depitalism – need to correct our economic infrastructure

This article in today’s USA Today points to what I have been writing about – what I refer to as Depitalism. Quote from article: “While some progress in consumer debt reduction has been made, the heavy lifting of meaningful deleveraging still lies ahead,” the study says. Until consumers repair their balance sheets, they are unlikely […]

Economy and Depitalism

In today’s WSJ there is an article titled As Middle Class Shrinks, P&G Aims High and Low. WSJ is now a subscriber access only to full articles so I can’t provide a link to the article because I read it on our internal news site. I can share what I found to be particularly insightful […]


Bernanke says American consumers are too bleak. That consumers “are depressed beyond reason or expectation.” Even considering everything that the American family is having to wade through the citizen is “behaving as if the economy is even worse than it actually is.” The US economy is a model based on debt and unwise spending decisions which […]