Ukraine: word of warning – focus on allies in Europe not the USA

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Ukraine’s interim prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk needs to speak with eastern European countries such as Poland about the willingness and integrity of Obama and his administration. Ukraine needs to use EU allies such as Merkel to broker a draw down of escalation and the actual removal of troops from Crimea. Putin is a chess player and I am certain that his posturing with Crimea is to get the Ukrainian government to keep the ties with Russia and be part of the bloc as the previous Russian crony had decided. Yatsenyuk needs to be cautious with his words and urgent admonition that Ukraine is looking westward and that is where it will go. He needs to focus on the matter about his country and Russia and put that matter to the side. It may be quite possible once he talks with Putin to identify a third option that will allow both sides to get what they want.

But still — bottom-line —- For the sake of the Ukrainians, Yatsenyuk do not rely on Obama.

Krauthammer on Ukraine and Obama

GM and the lack of CSR in the ignition issue on the Saturn ION

Article in the Guardian today

My wife and I can report from first hand experience the danger this issue caused.

We own a 2007 Saturn ION3. I was the primary driver of the car the first couple years then she took it over when we purchased a Highlander. In the first couple years I experienced three times when the ignition decided to turn itself off while I was driving. Two on a winding road in our subdivision and once on the highway. The first two times I figured I somehow bumped the key but the third time while driving on the highway I was certain I hadn’t and lets just say for a minute their things were REALLY freaking interesting. I took the car to the Saturn dealer and they looked at it and said nothing was wrong with it and that they were unable to duplicate the error. They suggested I check the weight of my keys which was not the issue for it contained the fob, ignition key and one house key. When wifey became the primary driver of the car she was aware of the matter and had changed her key ring to only have the fob and the ignition key. Guess what happened? Driving down a busy road the ignition turned off. We took the car back to the dealer and requested they change out the ignition tumbler and they said they did. Since we had the tumbler replaced we have not had an issue with ignition. Do you consider that coincidence? (please refer to Gibbs’ Rule #39 – There is no such thing as a coincidence)

If memory serves me correctly the CEO in 2001 was Wagoner. Seems like someone needs to talk to him and review files pertaining to him.