Netflix: why the left is normalizing child pornography

May I add to his list of reasons is the left knows child abusers and pedovores are being arrested in droves. That soon the President and DOJ are going to release the details behind these criminals.

Don’t forget the new leadership on Netflix board of directors includes the chief empty suit himself and his spouse and Susan Rice.

Applause to Mr. Nolte on the article

The continued attacks of silencing takes another voice and resource out

Popular Q-anon site down after doxxing

Lets see what excuse is manufactured to make the Trump supporter unemployed.

The aggregate I am using now is here



Election meddling 2020 – another method

EXCLUSIVE: Democrats Are Now Using Pentagon Funded Artificial Intelligence to Combat Online Efforts by Trump Supporters to Promote President Trump


You can’t be in your right mind and vote for the DNC

The radicalized liberal democrats and rinos.

Look at them and consider that they MUST have no conscience.

Trump derangement syndrome is apparently a chronic mental disorder.

And remember it is a CHOICE.

Nothing genetic about it.

They CHOOSE to put the USA through what they have, are & will be doing.