MSM – what is Q?

I wonder why the MSM (aka Fake News) hasn’t asked President Trump, “what is Q?”
I see it online, ref as conspiracy theory. Surely they would want to embarrass him by associating him with a conspiracy theory. You know, like how they did with linking him to Infowars and Alex Jones.

I wonder why they are afraid to ask him?



Time to DOXX the reporters and leadership of MSM

Time to DOXX the reporters and leadership of CNN, MSNBC, Daily Beast, Facebook and other MSM – and hold them ALL to the same level of threat and harassment as they do to conservatives.

Conservatives have to start fighting back. In war, you don’t take the “high road” of passive resistance when they are attacking you.
When they are feeding you to the rabid ANTIFA and other Tide-pod suckers don’t you think we AT LEAST counter-punch?

The war reference is not hyperbole, this is a civil war. It is a civil war of ideals.

Trump’s Favorite Meme Maker Claims BuzzFeed is About to Doxx Him