Things HAVE GOT to change here!!!

For the past six months I have thought about writing just about every day but then when I consider the content which is usually driven by the news events of the day I end before starting – in frustration. Many of the problems in the USA is direct result of policies and laws based on […]

Iran, Syria, Iraq, NSA news

Wise words from Governor Rick Perry on current events in Syria and Iraq. An article I have been holding since 5/25 yet again clearly states Iran’s perspective of the USA. Really, as a president, why would you trust them? Krauthammer’s 6/19 post on developments in Iraq.   In this Guardian post today, 80% of all audio calls […]

Echoes of Reagan in Romney’s speech

Romney made an awesome speech yesterday at VMI. I am including the text of the speech in this post because I want to make sure I have it secured for the future. In it we hear and see the Exceptionalism of the USA. In it is the conviction of Ronald Reagan and all of the […]