Inept or deliberately committed treason


“Standard protocols for investigating foreign infiltration were not followed from the beginning by the Obama Administration, as their responsibility through the proper U.S. Departments was to collect data from the environment of the supposed crime, perform the threat assessment, identify the players showing there was bias by multiple parties. THE ACTUAL PARTIES WHO WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR STAGING AND INITIATING THE FALSE ALLEGATIONS OF RUSSIA COLLUSION, WERE ACTUALLY, ACCORDING TO FEDERAL RULES OF LAW,GUILTY OF OBSTRUCTION, PERJURY, CONSPIRACY AND TREASON AMONG MULTIPLE ADDITIONAL OFFENSES…”

“The verified surveillance apparatus has been effectively explained by Mr. William Binney, Mr. Kirke Wiebe, Mr. Tom Drake, Ms. Diane Roark and Mr. Ed Loomis, and in a lawsuit against President Barack Obama by Mr. Elliott Schuchardt attached hereto. No collusion or crime was ever committed as has been actually proven by Robert Mueller from more than a year of conducting an investigation and confirmed by Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, James Clapper and Diane Feinstein, among multiple parties.”

Therefore the following United States Departments, as represented by the following personnel declared there was no collusion, without rebuttal from anyone within those Departments:

{videos are included at the website}

THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE Represented by Rod Rosenstein;
THE FBI represented by Andrew McCabe;
THE SENATE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE represented by Diane Feinstein.

Dr. Jerome Corsi on the deep state, the real crimes and President Trump

Fast forward to 2:32 to get past commercial


BTW his book is a great summary on the crimes and characters of the rigged election that Hillary lost and the last half of the book is how to defeat the deep state. We are needed, every citizen which cares for our country and the Constitution – we have a part to play for it to be successful.

And BTW, yes – Q is real.


a good american

Oh my gosh!!
Watch this trailer.
Movie is now available on Netflix.
This needs to be escalated.
I am so freaking disgusted.

U can buy it at Vimeo on demand.  I did.

I have wrote my representative. I signed the petition. I wrote the fourth amendment advisory committee. I am going to attempt to get an article/commentary published in my local newspaper.

We need to take back our country.

Things HAVE GOT to change here!!!

For the past six months I have thought about writing just about every day but then when I consider the content which is usually driven by the news events of the day I end before starting – in frustration. Many of the problems in the USA is direct result of policies and laws based on a erred philosophy of some sort (see for example: liberal political philosophy and their many agendas to reshape our country in their immoral and self-indulgent minds). America – the people – are getting what they deserve and it will get MUCH worse. The individuals, who should have been alert, sober and effective in safeguarding a more moral and servant-leadership way of life, went MIA.

Do you realize the preceding 116 words sums up the whole situation? And in this, the liberal IS being sober, alert and safeguarding against a more moral, conservative attempt to correct matters. This has been and will continue to be a very real battle of philosophies, politics, mentalities, and spiritual warfare in high places. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” [Ephesians 6:12] Again, matters are going to get MUCH worse here in the USA.

Then to look across the rest of the world and honestly there is no wonder why things are playing out in so many different ways but all with the same effect of masses being fed up with their governments or other countries. No wonder because all of these countries long ago kicked God out of their way of life. So – it is no wonder.

I am sure the reality of ISIS is because of Obama’s policies, “bent” and lack of true leadership. I know he and his posse point at Bush and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Obama’s bent. This cancer (ISIS) would be aggressively dealt with in the very beginning by wise true leadership. You can disagree with me, which is fine. A man who does not believe in an exceptional America and has aggressively tried to remove and hinder ways for the exceptionalism to impact correctly our country and the world does not have the moral and ethical right to judge against our nation. The truth is he should not be our president but the majority of the voting population of our country have went the way of gimmicks, coolness, fads and desperate need of popularity. Join the gang. Period. Drink the Kool-Aid, everyone else is.

We have got to change things here. If you are a parent, you of all people should be doing everything you can to put the garbage back in the garbage cans and take the garbage to corner to be removed from impacting your home, neighborhood, subdivision, city (get the point?).

We HAVE GOT to change things here.

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Obama’s failure, Americans’ failure

The inability of the majority of voting Americans to admit they made the wrong choice roughly six years ago has led to Hussein Obama having a second term. This second term is the continuation of failed policies and unethical practices of the current administration. These matters have led to loss of respect for our government by our allies as well as the damage if not severance of relationships with other nations. In my opinion this all reflects how the society of the USA has become narcissistic. Self-centered, vain and inordinate fascination with one’s own self. The first election the majority of voting Americans allowed themselves to be swept up in hype, not substance and voting in the second election between one’s own choice before and Romney as the alternative, they simply could not allow the conservatives of our nation and all the people around the world know that they massively screwed up.

Look at the fruit of Hussein Obama.

Obamacare (what an oxymoron), Benghazi (the deaths and cover-up), IRS targeting conservative groups, Iran’s first spring four plus years ago, apology speeches to muslims, mismanagement of the military, botching Egypt and their spring and then blowing it again two years later, Syria, Libya, Iran, Russia, Israel and the unethical and unconstitutional practices of the NSA.  “Wherefore by their fruit ye shall know them.”

We see a Middle East where we once had strong allies and now they can not trust us. Saudi Arabia, Israel and Egypt know with high costs to their countries that the administration of Hussein Obama  is hampered by their leader. Syria, Iran and Russia know exactly what they are dealing with and how to easily out maneuver the hack. Netanyahu unfortunately placed Israel’s existence in the hands of Hussein Obama and now the little nation is backed into a corner. I would not want to be Bibi or Peres right now. I would not want to be a Jew in the nation of Israel right now.

Honestly, what would you do if you knew your neighbor plans to kill you and your family? Call the cops? And what if your cop is a pre-school child with a badge on? What then?

Shame on the majority of voting Americans for allowing this monstrosity to be a two term president.

If you voted for him, you are branches of his roots. You are complicit in all of this.