Bullseye – ch20

The days went by and they were much happier ones than all my days in the past. We met for coffee, dinner, lunch, movies, shopping, and any other reason I could come up with just to be with her. Before I knew it the summer had passed and Halloween was next. In our conversations we each shared the pressure coming from our parents to meet the other and for the families to meet. Some parents are subtle (not mine) and some are more direct (not hers). We tried to discuss the “event” but it always became a time of nervous laughing and exaggerations of the impact on everyone’s lives.

I am not sure why what happened on Halloween happened but I do know that Tess and I stood in the grips of a horrible monster and we were being held over a cliff to which we could not see the bottom. Honestly as I sit here trying to share with you the story I can feel the same emotions of that moment.  We would learn later just how desperate and resolved our parents were.

A couple days before Halloween I received a call from my mother, you KNOW how THOSE calls are.

“Hello honey how are you doing?”

“Um, fine mom I saw you and dad yesterday; nothing’s changed.”

“I know, I was just wondering if you will be over to pass candy out to the kids this year on Halloween.” Before I could answer, “You know how much that means to your father, it is you fellas ritual. He has dug up his glow in the dark vampire teeth and black top hat.” Whack – daggers one & two reach their mark.

“Actually mom I was going over to Tess’ this year and we were going to hand out candy at her apartment.”

“Oh, your father will be so disappointed…”

“Mom will you tell him, it will be much easier coming from you. You know how I feel about Tess…”

“Why don’t you two come over and hand out candy over here? Oh, that would be wonderful and your father won’t be disappointed and we can finally meet Tess.”

“Mom you know who Tess is, you go to the grocery store…”

“That is not the same, we can never talk. Why don’t you want us to officially meet her? Are you ashamed…” (No my mom is not a Catholic or Jewish mom. I understand that they are masters of the craft of using guilt to accomplish their wishes.)

“Mom stop you know I am not ashamed of you and dad. Gads – we are just taking things really slow, that’s all.”

“Slow? You guys are together just about every day. It would mean so much to your dad and me, please ask Tess.”

I was completely exasperated and I know that you definitely KNOW the feeling. When did the shoes get put on the other feet? I remember using the tears and eyes and limited vocabulary as a kid to guilt my parents into getting me baseball cards, candy, baseball hat, going to movies without their attendance, money to go to the store with a couple fellow outsiders at school. When exactly did the parents become the bearers of the guilt tool? Come to think of it when did they become the children? Knowing what I know and how this story ended when did it occur that we “protect” our parents from the truth? Watch out for them, making sure they are well, taking them to the doctor, exactly when did the roles get reversed? But I digress…

“Mom I am not going to ask Tess because she has really been looking forward to us doing this together at her place. I don’t want to make things awkward for her.”

Fine son” (the three-letter word that advertises dagger #3 is on its way) “I will tell your father. Don’t worry about us we will handle Halloween alone.” Bullseye.

The pregnant pause but I did not waver. “Thanks mom but I need to go now. Love u and tell dad I love him too.”

“We love you too, son.” Click – no that was not just the phone hanging up, it was also the sound of fourth dagger nailing its mark.

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Glory to God in the highest, THEN - peace on earth and goodwill to men (Luke 2:14). So peace on earth and goodwill to the human race can not occur until their is first - Glory to God in the highest. This will never be accomplished nor desired by the UN or the USA governments. Hence the Second Advent. Moment by moment I want to grow correctly in the grace, knowledge, wisdom and understanding of ALMIGHTY GOD. Spiritually I consider myself a saved Bible believer but so as to hopefully avoid some of the stigma that is heavily steeped on anyone who does not designate a denomination, I must consider myself an independent saved Bible believing Baptist. But Baptist denominations are highly polluted with leaven and such. I am a Christian in the true definition of the word which is given in Acts 11:26. Roman Catholicism and Orthodox Catholicism are NOT Christian. R.C. has been a great and successful tool in 1) making people not want to be a Christian and 2) making the majority of its believers/followers/members die and go to hell. I have great concern for everyone's present, temporal state of things and the future, eternal state of things. Politically I consider myself an independent, that unfortunately due to the limited choices, usually votes Republican. I am praying for legitimate third and fourth parties to gain traction in our society so that they will provide some better candidates. I am hoping for a bloodless American Spring. I believe one of the greatest detriments to our society here in the USA is the MSM (mainstream media), the judicial system and Congress. MAGA!! WWG1WGA #45 #17 Our country needs to make term limits for those who hold a seat in Congress. The individual can not serve more than 8 years in their lifetime in any capacity of Congress. And yes I voted for Trump both times and will do so again. Some people I admire: The Lord Jesus Christ (wholly God and wholly man), all those who gave their lives as recorded in the Foxe's Book of Martyrs and those since then that have been executed because they would not deny their saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, William Tyndale, John Wycliffe, Matthew Rogers, Gipsy Smith, DL Moody, Clarence Larkin, Ronald Reagan, John Knox, Martin Luther, Apostle Paul, the 12 disciples/apostles listed in Acts 1, Samuel the prophet, William Evans, Ph.D., D.D., Litt. D, Edward F. Hills A.B. - Yale, Th.M. - Columbia, Th.D. - Harvard; JTC, Archbishop James Ussher, John Frith, Erasmus, Alexander Hislop, Avro Manhattan, Dean Burgon, 161 1 KJV Bible Translators, Susanna Wesley, Susannah Thompson Spurgeon, PSR & Gail Riplinger. Some "things" that I like: Conscientiousness, well-marked books, kindness, romance, appreciation, morals, empathy, big hugs, nuzzling, eyes, long hair, gray/silver hair, beauty, modesty, when a women is a "lady", good coffee, windy days or nights, the sound of rain, cold weather, spring, autumn (except all the leaves to rake), roaring fire in the fireplace or pit, a good meal, gestures from a loving or friendly heart, the oceans/large lakes, music, coffee houses/cafes, books!, grand libraries, well used bookshelves, peace, white fluffy clouds in a blue sky, birds nesting, bunnies!, chipmunks!, wildlife when its not predatory, learning, smell of bread or pizza baking, the smell of coffee, the Basque, collection of information/data/inputs of various kinds, snow, gratitude, connecting the dots in life, old people still in love and are best friends, a good mystery, good film/tv/etc., internet, clocks and watches, trains/railroad, symbols, history of many types, good conversation/discussion, my music collection, studying the Bible, a well-marked Bible, crunchy snacks, handwritten correspondence & journals/notes, preparing meals for people who will appreciate it, beautiful gardens, blueprints, maps, REAL friends, boat rides, good Bible preaching/teaching, the mountains, the wilderness, hiking, teamwork, correspondence, wisdom, simplicity in the right places & quiet. Some "things" I loathe: The Alexandrian Cult and its supporters, FAKES, bullying, making fun of people, grief, taking advantage of people, neglect, disregard of others, raunchiness, hate, bossy people, brutality, war, fighting, cursing, degradation of society, evil, wickedness, narcissism, liars, abuse of any kind, loss of innocence, smell of burnt popcorn, nosy people, death, fake friends, disingenuous, being forgotten, not being valued, loss, broken heart, deceit, disrespect, manipulators, arrogance, loud people, troublemakers, self-entitlement, non-stop talkers who are completely self-absorbed and make everything in someway related to themselves,

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