Escalation of poverty, not the change we wanted!

“More Americans were living in poverty in
2010 than at any time since at least the 1950s, with the overall poverty
rate climbing to 15.1 — a 6 percent jump in just one year — according
to Census figures released Tuesday.

The Census Bureau’s annual report showed
nearly 1-in-6 people in poverty, reflecting sustained long-term
unemployment and the failure of the U.S. economy to kick into gear
following a crippling recession.

The number of uninsured also edged up to 49.9 million, the highest in over two decades.”

2 cents:

Hey Obama! That is some horrendous CHANGE! Thanks a lot for nothing….

I honestly do believe what is happening has direct correlation to peoples’ (home, business, corp) perception and attitude about and for POTUS. In depitalism land, perception is a powerful mover of the economy and society.

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